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Ten Reasons to Love Bulgaria

There are many reasons why people fall in love with Bulgaria and choose to make it their permanent home. Equally, no matter where you decide to live on this planet there are always downsides – the question is whether these disadvantages outweigh the advantages of living here or whether they are mere blips on a perfect horizon. Quest Bulgaria’s survey of ex pats came up with the following list of why we love living in Bulgaria.

1.    The Weather

Bulgaria has four distinct seasons, with a warm spring and autumn, scorching summers and cold winters. Some expats emigrated specifically for a warmer climate with plenty of days full of blue skies and little rain – in fact most are in agreement that it’s actually great to see it pour down. Everyone loved the idea that they could dine outdoors from as early as March through t the end of October and some reported having dined al fresco in February and December! Those on the coast loved the fact that they could swim and sunbathe for at least six months of the year, whilst our mountain expats raved about snow conditions and pistes on their doorstep.

2.    The Food

Everything is so fresh and most of it is organic, so much so that in Bulgaria food actually tastes better. It’s amazing how a walnut picked from the tree tastes stronger than one picked up in Tesco and likewise an egg from your neighbours chicken tastes fresher and more flavourful. The abundance of meat, fish and fruit and veg markets means that you can browse a wide choice of home grown / reared produce to produce delicious meals at home. Even restaurant food is fresh and tasty and the range of salads produced here is second to none.

3.    Personal Safety

Personal safety here is far better than at home. You can wander the streets at night without feeling threatened or being harassed. Children are free to play out on the streets and wander the countryside unsupervised. They can walk to and from school unaccompanied, go to the local shop alone and are generally free. As a parent you don’t have to worry about whether they are going to be kidnapped, knocked over by speeding cars or beaten up – it doesn’t happen here.

4.    Neighbours

Strangely enough we all love our neighbours! Despite living in different areas of the country we all seem to live close to the most caring, trustworthy and welcoming people in the world. Bulgarians are naturally hospitable, even the poorest of people will share produce from their garden with you or bread from their table and they are happy to provide you with plenty of help, advice and support. Most people here seem to have a happy-go-lucky outlook on life and they don’t waste their time bitching about the next person – for them “life is too short.”

5.    Fresh Air and Nature

The lack of much heavy industry means that the air here is so fresh it even cures a raging hangover! In mountain areas the air is scented with pine, in coastal areas with the aroma of the sea. In winter the pleasant smells of burning logs perfumes the air and in spring the scent of wild lilac. The scenery and natural beauty in Bulgaria is a sight to behold, it really is unspoilt.

6.    Traditions and Culture

Bulgarians seem to celebrate at every possible opportunity; there are a host of feast days, name days, and days to ward off evil winter spirits and on top of that the conventional celebrations like birthdays, Easter and Christmas. In the West we seem to make little time for enjoying ourselves within our community and we have lost all sense of national pride too, so days like St George’s day go unnoticed.

7.    Low Cost of Living

When you can buy good bottles of wine for around 5.00 lv. beer for 0.80 lv. and a meal out for two with alcohol for under 20.00 lv. and a packet of ciggies for 2.40 lv. life feels good. Not only are these indulgences cheap buy utilities, food, clothing and petrol are all substantially cheaper than home as are prescription medicine, haircuts and children’s’ books, toys and school supplies.

8.    Medical Service

OK, some hospitals may look a bit grim, but you can walk into your local chemist and get prescription medicine without a prescription including antibiotics and anti depressants! The great thing about this is that pharmacists here are well trained and provide good advice on the description of symptoms; they favour herbal remedies as much as conventional medicine and avoid lots of unnecessary trips to the doctor’s surgery. The other thing about the health system is that there are no lengthy waiting lists to see specialists, usually a trip to the doctor will give you an instant referral to a consultant who will see you within the week if not the next day.

9.    Life is Relaxing

The slower pace of life without the stress and hassle of the rat race was on everyone's list including those who work for a living. People here take time to enjoy what they have and the beauty that surrounds them. There is no pussyfooting around in Bulgaria and unnecessary  political correctness. If someone disagrees with you they tell you straight. There seem to be fewer rules out here and certainly none that ban things like conkers in the playground or jokes in emails. This lack of PC makes for a freer more honest relationship with people – perhaps that’s why so many of us listed our neighbours as one of the best things about living here.

10.    Close Proximity to Other Countries

Living on an island for most of our lives has meant that we yearn to get up and go but are hampered by arranging flights and ferry crossings. Living in Bulgaria means that you can do lunch in Bucharest, a spot of sunbathing on the Aegean or bargain hunting in the bazaars of Istanbul.  Bulgaria borders five countries, so no matter where you live you are usually only one or two hours away from a border crossing making it possible to visit a wealth of other countries capital cities and resorts whenever the mood takes you. Another advantage is if you don’t want to drive you can take the train, ferry or the bus all of which have regular services to the rest of Europe!