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Fishing Tips For Rivers

Fishing tips for rivers - My guest house is in the small village of Altimir situated in the heart of the Danube Plains, and in the lucky position of being surrounded by an abundance of lakes and three of the largest rivers in Bulgaria being only 30 minutes drive away. Fishing in Bulgaria is not only great because of the vast varieties of large fish but the views and scenery are second to none.


Fishing tips for rivers - Danube, Iskar, Ogre and Skud

Half an hour drive to the north of me is the river Danube. A wide, fast flowing river that has to be fished with heavy weights to hold the bottom or let your float drift. The fish here are big with catfish over 200kg and carp over 50kg.

Large pike, zander and trout can be caught together with many more species. There are also Sturgeon in the Danube.

To the east, again only 30 minutes, is the river Iskar. Not only great fishing for carp and baramore (similar shape to our common carp but silver in colour) but pike, zander can be caught by either spinning or small live bait that can be purchased locally. Float fishing is recommended on the Iskar and there are a lot of eddies. All the usual baits can be used such ar corn, maggot, paste or the humble red worm. The views from the river are fantastic in a very tranqil setting, and, if you're lucky enough you may see deer, wild boar and other animals on the opposite bank coming down for water.

To the west is the river Ogre a similar river to the Iskar, however much straighter. The fish are similar to those in the Iskar and some large catfish (som) have been caught here. However it's not easy - so if you like a challenge, this is the river for you.

Passing through the village of Altimir is the little river Skud. It's a small river narrower than an English canal. However don't underestimate these small rivers in Bulgaria; there are an abundance of fish. They are good fishing and carp at 4kg are regularly caught.

Fishing tips for rivers and Lakes

As I mentioned at the beginning, there are an abundance of lakes in the area as every village seems to have at least one. Some of the lakes are private and cost about 3 lv (1.20 GBP) a day to fish and then pay for whatever fish you take home. Usually 5 lv / kg for carp and 10 lv for catfish.

Of course you don't have to take the fish, but the locals do and I can understand why. I've eaten cafish and carp; its a white meat and tastes very similar to cod and suprisingly it didnt have a muddy taste. There are also a lot of free lakes where no cost is involved. However to fish these you do require a licence (also required for river fishing) These can be purchased locally and cost 25 lv for the year, but can be purchased for a week or month. You will also require a photo.

I'll mention two of the largest lakes in the area. The first being the Ogre Dam in the town of Montana. I'm told this is the largest in the Balkans and can well believe it. There are a multitude of fish of all varieties and sizes.

The lake can be fished by feeder of float with the normal baits used in UK. However I've found that the humble red worm works well. The views are fantastic and tranquil. If you fancy a swim in the lake on a hot day then why not, the locals do. This lake is free.

At the town of Vratsa is another free large lake containing many varieties of fish with a great view of the Stara Planina mountains in front of you. This is fished similar to the Ogre dam and once again its free.

The baits used in Bulgaria are more or less the same as in UK. The local use a lot of sweet corn, either bought by the tin in the local shop or fresh, soaked in water for a few days. Maggots are also used, however they are not of the same quality as those in UK. Bread paste is also used but seems to catch smaller fish. I have had great success with the red worm and garden worm. These can of course be got from the garden or the local cow dung heap! I couldn't get any from the garden so purchased my own dung heap and started farming them. Also enviromentaly friendly to recycle my kitchen waste.

It's not just the tremendous fishing in Bulgaria but the weather, fantastic scenery and views that make the perfect fishing holiday but add to that the friendliness of the local people then you have the perfect fishing holiday. Not of course forgetting that beer is cheap ! I hope you have enjoyed my fishing tips for rivers so why not come and join us....

Chris Rodziewicz