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Best Way to Get a Job Abroad

Here we provide a variety of tips on the best way to get a job abroad. More and more people are choosing to live permanently in another country, and not everyone who moves here has a pension to live on. In fact the age profile of people escaping the UK rat race in favour of a more relaxed life in countries such as Bulgaria has changed in favour of younger people, many who come over with children.

Whilst some can live off the equity they made in the UK, most realise that the only way to continue a permanent life out here is to find work. The most popular way with most to get a job abroad is to choose to set up a business like a bar, hotels and restaurants, whilst others prefer to find work as an employee.

As a citizen a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) you are free to work in any other EEA country without a work permit as a salaried employee or a self-employed individual. You will be required to pay national insurance contributions, which if you are employed will be deducted at source along with your income tax. The good news is that they are much lower than in the UK and income tax is a flat rate of 10% regardless of the amount you earn (unless you fall beneath the tax threshold in which case you don’t have to pay anything.)

Finding a Job

Since 2000 Bulgaria has had strong foreign direct investment and has resulted in an increase in the numbers of jobs available particularly in certain key industries. There are plenty of places where you can search for a job – the best place is the internet. The EU’s job portal EURES ( helps people to find work in member states and allows job seekers to post their CV’s to prospective employers. Other sites with plenty of job ads offered in English are Jobs BG ( and BestJobs BG (

Key Employment Areas

The best way to get a job abroad is in the busier cities and in Bulgaria the capital Sofia, which has the largest number of job vacancies due to the fact that the majority of international companies setting up satellite offices in Bulgaria tend to base themselves here. Plovdiv and Varna, the countries second and third largest cities also have their share of job vacancies. The tourist resorts of the Black Sea coast and mountain ski areas also have plenty of vacancies.

Jobs in I.T.

More and more foreign companies including big names like Microsoft and Hewlett Packard are setting up offices in Bulgaria and many of them require IT specialists. There is a massive amount of choice in the IT sector with jobs available in Product Design, System Administration, Web Development and Customer Support. Almost all of these posts are advertised in English and offer all of the benefits of working for a multi-national including pension packages and good promotion prospects.

Jobs in Banking

The development and growth of the Bulgarian banking industry has lead to an expansion of work. The majority of key players in this marketplace are leading international banks from Germany, Austria and France. Consequently many of these companies require English speakers to work in a variety of sectors including Risk Management, Accountancy, Debt Collection, Relationship Management and Call Centres. Again the remuneration is well above the Bulgarian national average of 687 lv. per month and the benefits are also good.

Jobs in Travel and Tourism

Bulgaria has experienced massive shortages in experienced staff able to work in the tourist industry and as a consequence salaries have increased somewhat here with experienced waiters earning as much as 1,000 lv. in some top hotels. Experience is the key to earning a good salary in this sector as well as being able to speak several languages. English is the most important language and if you have no knowledge of another tongue, you will still be able to find work. Jobs exist for tour reps waiting on staff, bar staff, chefs, chamber maids, receptionists, life guards, shop assistants and ride and lift operators. The work is seasonal with long hours, shifts and for certain work low pay. It is also worth enquiring with leading tour operators about vacancies as many require staff to do airport transfers, children’s reps and resort based reps as well as tour guides and this work is often better paid than unskilled work in the resorts.

Jobs in Real Estate and Sales

No matter where in the world you live there will always be a requirement for sales personnel. Jobs exist in everything from Advertising Sales to Sales of Industrial Building Material with 3M. Again these jobs offer good commission with basic salaries starting at around 750 lv. per month, however, the majority of sales jobs lie in the real estate sector. The Bulgarian property market has resulted in a surfeit of international real estate businesses, many of whom are looking to employ English speaking staff preferably with sales experience and good interpersonal skills. This type of work usually has regular hours but there tends to be a low basic salary linked to high commission on the sale of a property. Some companies stress that you must be able to drive or have use of a car. Competition in Bulgarian real estate is fierce, but for those with a good portfolio of properties the work can be very rewarding.

Teaching English

Teaching English is among the best way to get a job abroad and there is a always a demand for teachers of English at the many private language academies in larger cities. You don’t have to be a qualified teacher to apply but you will need a good command of the English language and if you have a TEFL qualification all the better. Salaries are calculated according to the number of hours you work and this depends on how many students enroll to study with you. Generally you can earn between 7 – 10 lv. per hour. For this type of work you need to live in the city to make it cost effective otherwise you will send all that you earn on travelling.

Go For It

Whilst the job ad may be in English it is still wise to get some Bulgarian lessons as you start applying for jobs here. It is good to show those interviewing you that you are prepared to integrate with local society as many of your colleagues will be native Bulgarians.

The best way to get a job abroad in any country is to start searching for a job is in the field of experience you already have and you may just find that there is a great need for your expertise.

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