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Learning the basics of Bulgarian - Useful words and expressions

Learning the language ... useful basic expressions

How did you do?

You should have read them as:
Dobur Den (Good Day)
Dobur Vecher (Good Evening)
Leka Nosht (Good Night)
Kak Ste? (How are you?)
Az sum dobre, i vie? (I'm fine, and you?)
Kak se kazvash? (What is your name?)
Kazvam se ... (My name is ...)
Pryatno mi e (Pleased to meet you)
Otkude si? (Where are you from?)
Az sum ot ... (I am from ...)
Angliya (England)
Uels (Wales)
Shotlandia (Scotland)
Irlandia (Ireland)
Velikobritania (Great Britain)
Nie sme ot ... (We are from ...)
Blagodarya (Thank You)
Molya (Please)
Ciao (Ciao!)
Doskoro! (See you soon!)

Congratulations ... if you made it this far, you can now read, write, speak and understand some Bulgarian!

Here are the numbers one to ten, try and read them in cyrillic and say them out loud:

едно  две  три  четири  пет  шест  седем  осем  девет десет

edno dve tri chetiri pet shest sedem osem devet deset

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