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Wages in Bulgaria for Expats

As an expat, how much money can you expect to be paid in Bulgaria? If we take a look at migrants working in the UK, many workers are expected to work an average 40 hours per week for the minimum wage. Acccording to site, this is from 4 to 6 euros an hour, on current exchange rates. Not very much for someone living in the UK, with mortgage payments or rent, plus council tax and general income/social security taxes taking away an average 35%, before you even get to think about buying food.

What could you expect to earn as an expat worker in Bulgaria? Not so much different and, in some cases, more. With a low flat rate tax and the even lower cost of living in the country your earnings go much further.

Some jobs demand qualifications, others not: many require proof of your experience and your results. It all depends upon how skilled you are, whether you are looking for part or full time work and whether you can prove your effectiveness in the Bulgarian marketplace.

Quest Bulgaria takes a look at what you can expect to earn as a self-employed person in a variety of jobs:

5 to 6 euros an hour
this is based on online english teaching and is usually only part time

General labourer
11 to 20 euros a day
depending upon where you are working, some areas pay more than others

30 to 70 euros a day
qualifications and the demand for your skills count

500 euros a month - not for those who think their 'blog' will do but for investigative and experienced journos

20 to 25 euros an hour
registered translators only, if you are just giving a helping hand, then 10 euros will be the most you should expect

Baby sitters
in a ski or sea resort, 8 euros an hour for registered baby sitters

Web site design
professional site builders with proven experience and sites which are 'live' on the net and established for customer references
design and build of a complete e-shopping cart site with a thousand pages 1800 euros
maintenance, support, etc 12 to 15 euros an hour

Sales and customer service training
two day course 500 euros

Bed and breakfast
25 euros per room per night

Remember, taxation is at only a flat rate of 10% and your cost of living is much lower in Bulgaria. Apart from potentially earning more than a migrant worker in the UK, your quality of life is significantly better. Not to mention you won't be owned by the banks with the low price of property in the country.