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Lesson Three - Building Sentences

This present costs 100 euros. It is expensive.International language teacher, Catherine Billebeau, brings us lesson three of a 12-month exclusive course for Quest Bulgaria, so now, over to Catherine ...

... Hello again! This month, the Build Strength section will start with the solution to the exercise from lesson two, so that you can see for yourself how confident you become with the language little by little.

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Lesson Four - alternate verb endings

At the market I want to buy fruitHere we are with our fourth lesson, if you have correctly studied the previous three lessons, you should now be able to see for yourself the progress you have made.

I wish to encourage your progress as much as I can and have chosen to progressively remove the stressed letter from the words you already know. Whenever you see them in the streets or in books or magazines, you’ll realise none of them will have the stress as it is instinctive for native speakers. Don’t get discouraged by this new initiative and consider it as a means to self assess your progress!

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Lesson Five - questions and future tense

Hi. What's your name?This month we will take further steps towards building confidence. Let’s see how far you have progressed after the previous 4 lessons.

Remember, just reading these lessons will not make you fluent in Bulgarian! Always set aside some regular, quiet time for your study and practice, always have a dictionary to hand (as I may just throw in a word or two I've not used before!), and keep your own detailed notes ... good luck!

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Lesson Six - Revision Time

Time for some revision!There we are, already half way through our language course. You may not realise how much progress you have actually made since you started.

This lesson is a kind of revision, in order for you to see how far you have now progressed. Remember that the only way for you to keep learning with a cheerful heart is to take things at a slow but regular pace, which will guarantee you plenty of lasting success with your command of the Bulgarian language.

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Lesson Seven - the past tense

Bulgaria is a beautiful countryOver the past lessons, you have now learnt that the Bulgarian verb has two aspects, respectively called the ‘imperfective’ and the ‘perfective’.

In order to make things easier for you, I chose to introduce them as green and red last time and this very code of colours will be used each time we encounter them in their appropriate use.

Now that you master how to talk about events in the present and the future tense, I think it’s time for you to learn to talk about events that occurred in the past. Please note that the lesson has remained unstressed as all the words have been seen in previous lessons.

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Lesson Eight - past tense, days of the week

We went to Rila togetherI hope you managed to cope with Lesson 7 and that the past tense does not seem as frightening as before. We have already said and repeated many times that the key to learning any language is to go at a steady pace instead of rushing things and ending up nowhere!

Let's see how you managed with the exercises in the last lesson and see how much progress you have made with the past tense.


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Lesson Nine - Another past tense

Bread and HoneyNow that the Aorist is behind us, it is time to move on learn another tense of the past. Once again, I would like you not to worry too much about the name of the tense itself which won’t help you much in the end, but on the way the tense is constructed and how you can recognise it whenever you come across it whilst reading or need to use it in conversation.

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Lesson Ten - Building Strength

I go to the shop in order to buy breadLesson 10 brings us to the point where we have to make sure whether you can recognise and use the two forms of a Bulgarian verb, respectively called the imperfective and the perfective. Earlier on in this course (lesson 7), we  already introduced you to the use of the particular aspect of the Bulgarian you will not be able to do without.

Good Luck!

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Lesson Eleven - what progress!

On the phone!As we near the end of our Language course, you may be quite surprised to discover just how much progress you've made and how you can now hold a complete conversation in Bulgarian ... if you don't believe me, wait until the Make Progress section of this lesson below!

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Bulgarian Lessons - 12

winter is cold in BulgariaThis is our last stage of your Bulgarian lessons together. Thanks to the twelve previous lessons you should now be able to cope with simple everyday conversations, both understanding what is being said to you and answering people with the appropriate words. I encourage you to continue for yourself now with the Bulgarian language to increase your vocabulary. I want to you wish you good luck and encourage you to have no fear of making mistakes. Making the effort to speak and make yourself understood will be regarded by the people as a sign of respect for their language and culture altogether.

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