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Language - Part Three

Well, here we are on lesson three of our Bulgarian course. Hopefully you have been practising what you already know and have seen some progress already!?

In this lesson we will re-cap on what we have already learnt, as well as learning some new vocabulary, to help us build some basic sentences.

One of the most important things to learn when you first start learning Bulgarian, is to politely greet people and to tell them of your nationality. So, in this lesson we will be learning nationalities and languages.



Как си? (kak see) How are you?
Аз съм (az sum) I am
Горе-долу (gore' doloo) So-so
Лошо (losh-ow) Bad
Зле (zle') Ill/bad
Добре (dob-ray) Ok/good

Не разбирам (ne raz-beer-um) I don't understand
Не знам (ne znam) I don't know
Зная няколко думи (zniya nya-kol-kow dummy) I know a few words

говорите ли...? (gov-or-it-ay lee ) Do you speak....? (plural/formal)
говориш ли...? (gov-or-ish lee) Do you speak....? (singular/informal)

Английски (ang-lee-skee) English
Френски (fren-skee) French
Испански (is-pan-skee) Spanish
Италиански (it-alee-an-skee) Italian
Гръцски (grut-skee) Greek
Немски (nem-skee) German
Български (bul-gar-skee) Bulgarian
Холандски (hol-and-skee) Dutch
Руски (roo-skee) Russian
Китайски (ki-tie-skee) Chinese

Аз съм от (az sum ot) I am from

Англия (ang-lee-ya) England
Франция (fran-tsee-ya) France
Испания (is-pan-ee-ya) Spain
Италия (it-al-ee-ya) Italy
Гърция (gur-tsee-ya) Greece
Германия (gerr-man-ee-ya) Germany
България (bul-gar-ee-ya) Bulgaria
Холандия (hol-and-ee-ya) Holland
Русия (roo-see-ya) Russia
Китай (kit-tie) China