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Language Lesson - Part Four

Now, in the this part of our Quest Bulgaria Language course, we will be looking at "date and time". First of all there are some things that you should know about how the Bulgarians say what the time is, it is

different to how we might say it in English. For e.g if we were to say "the time is 10 to five" in Bulgarian it would be "the hour is five without 10". It is also worth knowing that there is not actually a proper word for 'time' in the Bulgarian language, instead we use "часа" which means 'hour' or "време" which means with "weather" or "time". We use "време" to describe time, but not what time it is. We can say "време" when we say:
"няма време" - there is no time
"има време" - there is time

Okay, now let's get started in learning some new words and phrases!

Колко е часът? = What is the time?
Часът е... = The time is...
ден = Day
месец = Month
годинa = Year
седмица = Week
седем и пет = Five past seven
девет без двайсет = Twenty to nine
два часа = Two o clock

When the time is something past the hour, we say it like this "(the hour) (and) (the minute).

When we want to say that it's something to the hour, we say (the coming hour) (without) (the minutes).

Here is a recap of the numbers just in case you have forgotten
1 = едно
2 = две
3 = три
4 = четири
5 = пет
6 = шест
7 = седем
8 = осем
9 = девет
10 = десет
11 = единайсет
12 = дванайсет
13 = тринайсет
14 = четиринайсет
15 = петнайсет

Next time we will look at dates and arrangements.