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Language - Part Five

In the last lesson, we looked at 'telling the time' and talking about time. In this lesson we are going to learn about dates and arrangements. So, by the end of the lesson, you will be able to:
 make arrangements in the future
 understand how to talk about the date and time
 and you will also learn the days and some useful phrases


So what are you waiting for?! Let us begin with learning the 'Days of the week'

понеделник = Monday
вторник = Tuesday
сряда = Wednesday
четвъртък = Thursday
петък = Friday
събота = Saturday
неделя = Sunday

Бих искал да ви поканя = I would like to invite you
на кино = to the cinema
в дома ми = to my home
в бара = to the bar
на концерт = to the concert

Какво правиш? = What are you doing?
Аз съм зает = I am busy (you would say this if you are a man)
Аз съм заета = I am busy (this is for a woman)
Имам работа = I have something to do/I have work
нищо интересно = Nothing interesting

ще се срещнем = We will meet
ще се срещнем в седем часa = We will meet at 7 o clock.
Кога да се срещнем? = When should we meet?

днес = Today
утре = tomorrow
The next day = следващия ден

Keep practising and working hard!
До следващия път...довиждане (Until the next time...goodbye)