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Lesson One - Nouns

Time to Practice

Time has now come to put things into practice and check how much you can remember from the previous page. Take a look at the words in the table below and determine their gender. The solution will be provided in the next lesson. Watch out, there is an exception to the rule hidden in there!!


If you have correctly found the gender of the words above, then, see how many of these words you can now use with the definite article (adding the 'the'!). Print off the table and try to write the words in the middle column with the appropriate 'the' added. Also, this is a perfect method of starting to read and write using the cyrillic alphabet.

We have tried to make you learn words you will hear and use in every day conversation. Once you are completely confident in reading, writing and speaking the words in this lesson, then proceed to Lesson Two.

Успех! Good luck!

До скоро! See you soon!