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Lesson Two - to be, to have, to want

Practice Makes Perfect

With the knowledge acquired from previous lessons, put into practice what you have learnt today ... print off this page and read the Bulgarian text below and write the best possible translation in the space below. You may also wish to copy the sentence to check your cyrillic handwriting and to check how fast you can now write.

All the underlined words have been used either in previous lessons or in this one. If you don’t feel confident enough with the other words, have your dictionary near at hand to check how easily you can now look up a word in the dictionary and which translation you would therefore give to the word. The complete translation will be provided in next month’s issue!

Казвам се Джон. Аз съм англичанин. Аз съм от Лондон. Сега, аз съм в България за три седмици, защото искам да купя къща в България. Обичам тази страна, защото времето е часто хубаво.




Answers to the exercises in last month’s issue:

You had to decide whether the word was masculine, feminine or neutral and whether you were able to use ‘the’ in front of each of the words given to you. Let’s see what the solution looks like and how well you have done ... top marks to anyone who got all 15 correct, including the exception to the rule!

Кола (car) колата (the car) - feminine
Хотел (hotel) хотелът (the hotel) - masculine
Време (time/weather) времето (the time/weather) - neutral
Котка (cat) котката (the cat) - feminine
Куфар (suitcase) куфарът (the suitcase) - masculine
Чанта (handbag) чантата (the handbag) - feminine
Кафе (coffee) кафето (the coffee) - neutral
Баба (grandmother) бабата (the grandmother) - feminine
Захар (sugar) захарта (the sugar) - feminine (this is the exception you had to spot!)
Офис (office) офисът (the office) - masculine
Легло (bed) леглото (the bed) - neutral
Врата (door) вратата (the door) - feminine
Дърво (tree) дървото (the tree) - neutral
Дупка (pothole) дупката (the pothole) - feminine
къща (house) къщата (the house) - feminine

До скоро! See you soon!