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Lesson Four - alternate verb endings

Here we are with our fourth lesson, if you have correctly studied the previous three lessons, you should now be able to see for yourself the progress you have made.

I wish to encourage your progress as much as I can and have chosen to progressively remove the stressed letter from the words you already know. Whenever you see them in the streets or in books or magazines, you’ll realise none of them will have the stress as it is instinctive for native speakers. Don’t get discouraged by this new initiative and consider it as a means to self assess your progress!



Build Strength

In our last lesson we asked you to create six practical sentences from the grammar you had learnt to date. Here are six examples of the possible sentences you could have made easily with all the vocabulary you now have:

Обичам газирана вода - I love sparkling water
Всяка сутрин, закусвам с хляб и мед - Every morning I have breakfast with bread and honey
Днес, тръгвам за Бургас много рано - Today I leave early for Bourgas
На пазара, искам да купя плодове - I want to buy fruit at the market
Сутринта, ставам късно, когато нямам работа - In the morning I get up early when I don’t have work
Кредитна карта е нова - The credit card is new

We also asked you to translate 10 English phrases into Bulgarian, here is the solution:

1. I love bread and honey - Обичам хляб и мед
2. She has a new credit card - Тя има нова кредитна картa
3. Tarator is very nice - Таратор е много вкусно
4. I love to get up early in the morning - Обичам да ставам рано сутринта.
5. The weather is very bad today. I don’t want to go out - Времето е много лошо днес. Не искам да излизам
6. I don’t have any money to buy a stamp to England - Нямам пари да купя една марка за Англия
7. I have a cheque to pay for my shopping - Имам чек за плащане покупките си
8. He loves to leave early for Burgas - Обича да тръгва рано за Бургас
9. I have breakfast with bread and butter - Закусвам с хляб и масло
10. I hurry to the house because I have a lot of work - Бързам до къщтата, защото имам много работа

Make Progress

You should remember that in previous lessons we have already learnt quite a few verbs ending with “ам”. Now it’s time for us to start to learn those belonging to the other groups as they will become important for your command of the language for the next lessons. Remember that all Bulgarian verbs don’t have an infinitive form regardless of the group they belong to.


Translate the following sentences to make sure you find it easy enough to conjugate the verbs belonging to the different groups.

1. Желаем Ви приятно пътуване и прекарване в България - zhelaem vi priatno patuvane i prekarvane v Balgaria
2. Сега, говорите добре български - Sega govorite dobre balgarski
3. Искам да купя двустаена къща в центъра София, на булевард « Витоша » - Iskam da kupia dvustaena kashta v tzentara Sofia, na boulevard ‘Vistosha’
4. Сега, живеем в България. Имаме тристаен апартамент на море - Sega, zhiveem v Balgaria. Imame tristaen apartament na more
5. Купим кисело мляко на пазара - Kupim kiselo mliako na pazara
6. Детето играе в градината - Deteto igrae v gradinata
7. Всеки ден, вървя пеша до работа - Vseki den varvia pesha do rabota
8. Мисля че, живеете в България защото времето е хубаво - Mislia che zhiveete v Balgaria zashtoto vremeto e hubavo
9. Говорите бавно моля, защото не разбирам всичко - Govorite bavno molia, zashtoto ne razbiram vsitchko
10. Какво желаете? желая един кроасан и едно кафе - Kakvo zhelaete? zhelaya edin kruasan i edno kafe