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Lesson Four - alternate verb endings

Practice Makes Perfect

Read the following information taken from an estate agent’s advertisement. Read the ad well and translate as much as you can about this house you may just wish to buy!


Пазар имоти
Голям град недалече от София. Продава едноетажна къщата цена 85,000 лева.
Всичко 100 кв.м и двор 350 кв.м.
В двора има лятна кухня.
Двустаена и новопостроена.

TIP: See how far your Bulgarian can take you without looking up the words you don’t know in the dictionary. Print off this page and write your attempt at translating the ad in the space provided below. If you are not fully successful, use your dictionary and translate the words you didn’t know by writing them in a different colour so that you can keep track of your new vocabulary.




Using the vocabulary from above, try to translate the following sentences:

1. I love this house.
2. I think I want to buy it.
3. This house costs 85,000 leva.
4. This house has one storey. It’s 100 sq.m altogether and there’s a 350 sq.m yard.
5. This is a two-bedroom house.

These are some words you may have had to look up in the dictionary to complete the two exercises above:


До скоро! See you soon! Catherine