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Lesson Five - questions and future tense - page two

Now, it’s your turn...
With the help of what you have learned on the previous page, print off this page, translate and write the following sentences in Bulgarian.

1. What time is it?

2. What time do you leave for Sofia?

Are you busy now?

4. What is the capital of Great Britain?

5. What’s your name?

6. Where are you going?

7. Where do you live?

8. Where are you from?

Learning how to use the future tense.

This lesson offers a grammatical respite before we start learning something you may not be looking forward to: the aspect of the Bulgarian verb and the past tense! Yet, there's nothing to worry about at this stage.

See how much you have learnt in just five lessons. Never hesitate to go back to previous lessons, as it is also a good way to make progress. Always go ahead but go backward again if you think it's necessary. Thus, you'll build confidence anew. Always think positive and do not have the impression that you are not proficient by doing so because it is quite the contrary.

Whenever you wish to make a sentence in the future tense, the only thing you have to do is to use “ще” (to make an affirmative sentence) and “няма да”(to make a negative one).

Will you write to me? Ще ми пишеш ли? Shte mi pishesh li?
You won’t go out Няма да излизате Niama da izlizate

Just pay attention to the changes when conjugating the verb “to be”:

Ще бъда, Ще бъдеш, Ще бъде, Ще бъдем, Ще бъдете, Ще бъдат

Practice Makes Perfect

At this stage, just keep in mind that the future tense requires the use of the perfective aspect. Should this term sound barbaric to you, just forget it for now and remember that slowly but surely, we'll learn Bulgarian verbs in pairs, for instance: купувам /купя

In order to make things easier for you, I have chosen to use the colours of the Bulgarian flag to help you recognise the imperfective from the perfective aspect.
From now on, you will see the imperfective printed in green and the perfective aspect in red.

In fact, you have already used some of the verbs you have learnt together either in the imperfective and the perfective aspect without knowing it.

Try and tanslate the following sentences into Bulgarian and use the future tense (solution will be provided in the next lesson):

1. I will buy a house in Bulgaria.

2. She will buy stamps for England.

3. They will buy a new car.

4. The house will be big.

5. The weather will be fine next week.

6. We will be in Bulgaria in three weeks.


Good Luck with this important step! You may wish to spend more time on this lesson to ensure you are comfortable and confident before moving on to lesson six.

До скоро! See you soon! Catherine