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Lesson Six - Revision Time

There we are, already half way through our language course. You may not realise how much progress you have actually made since you started.

This lesson is a kind of revision, in order for you to see how far you have now progressed. Remember that the only way for you to keep learning with a cheerful heart is to take things at a slow but regular pace, which will guarantee you plenty of lasting success with your command of the Bulgarian language.

As we've said before, set aside a few hours per week for practice and study.


Build Strength

Here are the solutions to the exercices from last months 'Make Progress' section:

1. What time is it? - Колко е часът?
2. What time do you leave for Sofia? - В колко часа тръгвате за София?
3. Are you busy now? - Ви зает ли сте?
4. What is the capital of Great Britain? - Коя е столицата на Велико Британия?
5. What’s your name? - Как се казвате?
6. Where are you going? - Къде отивате ?
7. Where do you live? - Къде живеете?
8. Where are you from? - Откъде сте Ви?

Here are the solutions to the exercises from last months 'Practice Makes Perfect' section:

1. I will buy a house in Bulgaria - Ще купя една къщта в България
2. She will buy stamps for England - shte kupi marki za Anglya
3. They will buy a new car - Ще купят една нова кола
4. The house will be big - Къщата ще бъде голяма
5. The weather will be fine next week - Времето ще бъде хубаво следващата севмица
6. We will be in Bulgaria for three weeks - Ще бъдем в България след три седмици


Make Progress

In the exercises below, you will find a recap of what you have learnt from all the previous lessons. You will find a reference to the lesson in which you have acquired the language between brackets, just in case you need to take a sneak peak back!

Write the following sentences using the cyrillic alphabet (lesson 1):

1. Tazi kshta e stara
2. Iskam da kupia edna stara kshta v Balgaria
3. Ima li tuk byuro za obmiana na valuta
4. Mislia tshe tazi kshta e krasiva i goliama
5. Kade e byuroto za obmiana na valuta
6. Byuroto e blizo ottuk
7. Iskate da otkrivame ofis v Sofia
8. Kade e ofisat Vi? Ofisat e v stolitzata na Balgaria

Print off this page and write the correct ending to express the “the” for each of the words (lesson 2):

(Choose between: -та / -то /-ът. Make sure you spot the exception to ‘the rule’! Which is hidden among the ten words)


In the space provided, translate and write in cyrillic the following text in Bulgarian (lesson 3):

My name is Mark. I am English and I live in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a nice country. The weather is often beautiful there. At the moment, I am in Bulgaria for two weeks because I want to buy a flat in Varna. Today, I am sick and I don’t want to go out.


Translate the following sentences into English (lesson 3):

1. Всеки ден обядвам в 12 часа
2. Нямам пари. Аз не мога да купя марки
3. Всяки сутрин ставам рано
4. Закусвам с сандвич с кашкавал
5. Утре тръгвам за София за три седмици
6. Нямам време. Аз съм заета
7. Този апартамент е много голям
8. Днес има слънце. Времето е много хубаво
9. Колата е нова
10. Сега можем да говорим Български добре

Translate the following sentences into English (lessons 4 and 5):

1 Колко струва тази къща?
2 Къде купувате кисело мляко?
3 В колко часа закусвате всяки сутрин?
4 Как плащате за покупките си?
5 Кога тръгвате за Бургас?

Now provide possible answers for the five questions situated above in the space provided below:




Since all the words have been studied in previous lessons, none of them has been stressed in this lesson to provide yet another exercise! Make sure you can place the stress in each word correctly, look back to previous lessons if necessary. Also, the phonetic transcription has not been used to encourage your reading skills with the cyrillic alphabet.

Успех и до скоро! Good luck and see you soon! Catherine