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Bulgarian Lessons - 12

This is our last stage of your Bulgarian lessons together. Thanks to the twelve previous lessons you should now be able to cope with simple everyday conversations, both understanding what is being said to you and answering people with the appropriate words. I encourage you to continue for yourself now with the Bulgarian language to increase your vocabulary. I want to you wish you good luck and encourage you to have no fear of making mistakes. Making the effort to speak and make yourself understood will be regarded by the people as a sign of respect for their language and culture altogether.




Build Strength

Hello! How are you?   Здравей те Как си сте?   Zdravej/Zdravejte! Kak si/ ste?

What’s your name?   Кок се казваш те?   Kak se kazvate?

My name is…   Аз се казвам...   Az se kazvam...

Where are you from?   Откъде сте?   Otkade ste?

I am from Veliko Turnovo   Аз съм от Велико Търново   Az sam ot veliko Turnovo.

How old are you?   Но колко години ли сте?   Na kolko godini li ste?

I am …   Аз съм на ... години   Az sam na … godini

Where do you live? I live in…   Къде живеете?   Живея в...  
Kade zhiveete? Az zhiveja v...

Do you have a house in Bulgaria?   Имате ли една къщто в България?  
Imate li edna kashta v Balgaria?

I have a house in Veliko Turnovo   Имам една къщта в Велико Търново  
Imam edna kashta v Veliko Turnovo

Do you enjoy living in Bulgaria?   Харесва ли Ви да живеете в България?   Haresva li vi da zhiveete v Balgaria?

I enjoy it a lot   Ми харесва много   Mi haresva mnogo

Why?   Защо?   Zashto?

Because the weather is fine   Защото времето е много хубаво   Zashtoto vremeto e hubavo

What do you do on Sundays?   Какво правите в неделя?   Kakvo pravite v nedelya?

On Sundays, I get up later, have breakfast and go for a walk after lunch. This is very pleasant
В неделя вставам по късно закусвам и разхождам след обяд. Това е много приятно
V nedelya, vstavam po-kasno, zakysvam I razhozhdam sled obiad. Tova e mnogo priatno

Do you speak Bulgarian well now?   Говорите ли български добре сега?  Govorite li Balgarski dobre sega?

I understand a lot but can speak well only when people speak slowly
Разбирам много но аз мога да говоря добре само когато хората годорят бавно
Razbiram mnogo, no govoria dobre kogata horata govoriat bavno

If people speak fast, I don’t understand anything
Ако хора говорят бързо аз не мога да разбирам нещо
Ako te govoriat barzo, az ne moga da razbiram neshto

There’s no problem. Mistakes are not important
Няма проблем Грешките не са важни
Niama problem. Greshki ne sa vazhni

Do you have friends in Bulgaria?   Имате ли приатели в България?  
Imate li priateli v Balgaria?

Yes a lot. They live near us. Our friends are not all from Great Britain. We have a lot of friends from Bulgaria.
Да имам мгого. Те живеят близо до нас Нашите приатели не са от Велико Британия Имаме много приятели от България
Da, imam mnogo. Te zhiveyat blizo do nas. Nashit priateli ne sa vsitchki ot Veliko Britania. Imame mnogo priateli ot Balgaria

Translation of the text from Bulgarian into English:

Troyan Monastery.
This monastery is very. It’s about 10 kilometres from Troyan. This is one of the biggest monasteries in Bulgaria. The place is very quiet. The monastery is very well known across the country. For example, if you go to Rila Monastery, there’s a huge forest. If you enjoy walking, you’ll see Saint Ivan Rilski’s grave. This place is also very interesting for tourists.