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Lesson Nine - Another past tense

Now that the Aorist is behind us, it is time to move on learn another tense of the past. Once again, I would like you not to worry too much about the name of the tense itself which won’t help you much in the end, but on the way the tense is constructed and how you can recognise it whenever you come across it whilst reading or need to use it in conversation.



Before going any further, let's have a look at the answers to the exercises of last month's issue:

Build Strength

We asked you to provide possible sentences using the Aorist, here are some possible solutions, but don’t worry if you came up with other alternatives:

1 В понеделник, бях в София на цял ден
V ponedelnik, byah v Sofia na tsyal den
I went to Sofia for the whole day on Monday

2 Във вторник, обядвахме в ресторанче
Vav vtornik, obyadvarme v restorantshe
We had lunch in a small restaurant on Tuesday

3 В сряда, видяхме приятели си
V sryada, vidyahme priateli si
We saw our friends on Wednesday

4 В четвъртък, ходихме заедно в парк
V tshetvartak, hodihme zaedno v park
We went to the park together on Thursday

5 В петък, тръгвахме за Варна
V petak, tragvahme za Varna
We left for Varna on Friday

6 В събота, запознах да работя малко пo- късно
V sabota, zapoznah da rabotya malko po kasno
I started work a bit later on Saturday

7 В неделя, закусвахме с хляб и мед
V nedelya, zakusvahme s hlyab i med
On Sunday, we had breakfast with bread and honey

We also asked you to translate the following sentences into english:

1 Запознахме да работим рано
Zapoznahme da rabotim rano
We started work early

2 В понеделник бях в София
V ponedelnik byah v Sofia
I was in Sofia on Monday

3 После това бях в Пловдив за три дена
Posle tova byah v Plovdiv za tri dena
After that I was in Plovdiv for three days

4 Един човек влезе в един хотел и попита цената на стаята
Edin tsovek vleze v edin hotel i popita tsenata na stayata
One person went into a hotel and asked for the price of the hotel

5 Какво видя вчера в Пловдив?
Kakvo vidya vtshera v Plovdiv ?
What did you see in Plovdiv yesterday?

6 Обядвахме в къщти
Obyadvahme v kashti
We had lunch at home