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Complete Bulgarian Language Course - Alphabet

Learning the language ... the Cyrillic alphabet, exercises and revision

Now you have spent some time on the appearance and sounds of the cyrillic alphabet, you should be able to read, write and even understand the following words:

And now, try and read the following Bulgarian words?:

How did you do?

You should have read them as:
lev (national currency of Bulgaria), zima (winter), tuk (here), tam (there), tatko (dad), mamo (mum), dzhena (woman), mudzh (man), kola (car), bira (beer), vino (wine), ivan (a Man's name), georgi (a Man's name), ivanka (a Woman's name), milena (a Woman's name)

Please continue to practice these basic exercises until you are confident you can read and understand all the words ... then move on to some useful basic phrases.