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Sell or Rent Your Property With Quest Bulgaria

sell your propertyIf you are looking to sell your own Bulgarian property or rent your apartment or villa, then this new service from Quest Bulgaria is right up your street.

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Varna Airport Increases Flights For Summer

jetinflightAn increase in flights has been announced for the new summer schedule at Varna airport in Bulgaria. Extra flights have been added from other destinations to cover the summer season on the Black sea coast. Plus four new routes will be in operation for the season starting from the 27th March 2011.

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Veliko Tarnovo's Annual Street Parade

velikotarnovoBulgaria's old capital city VelikoTarnovo, celebrates one of its biggest events of the year  so far on the 22nd March 2011, with its annual street parade.

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The Supermoon


moonTonight Saturday 19 March 2011, for all lovers of Astonomy around the world the moon will be at its closest to the Earth in 19 years, and some 356 577 kilometres away.

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Bulgarian's Cut Back

creditcrunchAn overview of the current economic situation in Bulgaria reports that for many Bulgarians the increasing living costs with rising food, fuel and utility bills has caused many to attempt to survive by reducing important prescription medicine and reduce health care for preventative treatments.

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Elevation Festival Razlog

concertcrowdOne of the biggest musical events ever will take place this summer in Bulgaria with a hugeline up of Bulgarian Artists and International stars.

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Book A break In Bulgaria - All Year Round

balchikharbourBulgaria has over the past few months extensively advertised it's all year round tourism programme.

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Quest Women's Day Competition

flowersMarch 8th is a big celebration in Bulgaria for all women, be they mothers, grandmothers, teachers, single ladies or professional business women.

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Increase In Bulgarian Tourism

maliovicapeakTour operators and Hotel owners have seen an improvement in numbers of tourists visiting the ski resorts of Bulgaria during this winter's season.

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Bulgarian Liberation Day

shipkamonumentMarch 3rd sees Bulgaria as the Day of Liberation from Ottoman rule, it celebrates the signing of the San Stefano peace treaty, which ended 500 years of Ottoman rule.

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