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Unseasonal weather all round

bulgaria and the uk have swapped weather conditionsThose visiting their Bulgarian property or living in Bulgaria are thrilled by one of the mildest winters on record. The weather has been the most talked-about subject of the week amongst expats here and, by all accounts, those in western Europe.

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Bulgarian property in top ten 2009

bulgaria top ten overseas property choiceIn a report issued today by Property Abroad, Bulgaria comes in the list of top ten countries for overseas property last year. 2009 has certainly been a difficult year for property globally and there still remains much uncertainty in the sector.

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So far this year

this week's news from bulgariaBulgarian property and living so far 2010 brings price hikes. This year, higher bills can be expected for central heating and natural gas. The Bulgarian State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission decided to increase prices by 5% for central heating and 10% for natural gas.

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Selling your Bulgarian property and moving?

allied pickfords removals new online shopSelling your Bulgarian property? Moving on or moving back? The only on-line store for packing materials in Bulgaria has now launched on the internet. If you are planning your next move and want to do the packing for yourself, then relax! You can now get professional sturdy packing materials from the leader of the industry in Bulgaria and the world - Allied Pickfords. All cartons and moving supplies have been designed with over 300 years experience and are made by the best suppliers in Europe. Sturdy, quality packing materials to protect your goods.

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Bulgarian Banks, Mortgages and Property Transactions

bulgarian banks and mortgages 2009 2010Quest Bulgaria takes a look at the current situation in Bulgaria with banks, loans, mortgages and property transactions in late 2009 and what is likely for 2010. The Bulgarian Central Bank has already indicated that lending volumes may increase from the start of next year. Lending to businesses and households increased by nearly 6% during September this year. During the last couple of months the banks have relaxed their lending policies a little and a few are said to be lending mortgages up to 80% of the property price. Nonetheless, the banks are still applying stringent income and property criteria. The regions where you are likely to obtain such a LTV ratio are the four main cities.

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Bulgaria: Roundup Property, Travel and Living

new cheap easyhotel sofia bulgariaThose considering visiting Bulgaria and heading for the capital, Sofia, will be interested in the new easyHotel to be opened. Indeed, as might those who own a property in the country and are seeeking a cheap overnight hotel when flying home from Sofia airport to visit family and friends. The low cost easy brand is to launch the new hotel at the start of next year and prices start from only 10 euros a night! The hotel will provide 57 rooms and can be booked online, using a simple premise that the earlier you book, the cheaper the room.

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What's Happening in Bulgaria

bulgarian property taxes to increaseAfter her award winning documentary, the maker, Kate Blewett, came back to Bulgaria to witness changes in the plight of the young people from Mogilino orphanage. The BBC website reports in full on her original film 'Bulgaria's Abandoned Children' and covers her return to the country. After her first film, Unicef was made responsible by the Bulgarian government, for finding placements for all the children of the institute. Her latest follow-up documentary was recently broadcast on BBC Four.


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Bulgarian Tourism Troubles?

drop in bulgarian tourism revenue 2009A body, self called the ‘Prognosis and Analysis Institute of Tourism’ has just stated what everyone has known for months but has never cared to say; that the country’s revenue generated from tourism this year will be 25% down on last years figure. The statement is probably accurate, as anyone with their eyes and ears open will testify, as is the fact that visitor numbers to the country will be down around 10% year on year. ‘We’ know this already and so do most of the educated people involved in travel. Indeed regular readers of Jam Advice travel publications will have read pretty much the same information for several months. Thus you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make these claims (and we know this body reads our articles!

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Lifestyle and Property in Bulgaria

bulgarian car insuranceWatch out on car insurance. If you want proper insurance cover for your vehicle in Bulgaria and be safe in the knowledge that you will be paid out in the event of an accident, then do not underpay for your insurance. We have heard of many expats who are paying only 20 leva a month for what is claimed to be full cover! However, the price of third party car insurance alone in Bulgaria for the lowest classed car is 250 leva, although those who had more than two accidents in the previous year will pay nearly 700 leva according to Novinite.

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Bulgaria: This and That on Property and Life

bulgaria to have world rally, motogp and formula 1Petrolheads in Bulgaria seem to be in for some rare treats. Bulgaria recently got confirmation of a stage of the World Rally Championships in 2010. This is the only new event on the WRC calendar for next year. Bulgaria will host the event July 10th with a Saturday finish rather than the normal Sunday one. Apart from the confirmed agreement with WRC and with MotoGP, the Bulgarian Motorcycle Federation has also received a preliminary contract for hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2011 or 2012. These events have backing from the current government and Rumen Petkov, Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Bulgarian Grand Prix, said that a combined track for F1 and MotoGP would be built near Sofia.

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