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Bulgarian Property Market: Signs of Growth

experts say growth in bulgarian property marketThe Bulgarian National Real Estate Association revealed growth in the Bulgarian property market during an interview for Darik radio. The Chairman, Lachezar Iskrov said that the market showed an increase of between two and three percent during the month of August. He also said that Bulgarian property prices have stabilised and are no longer going down, being likely to remain at current levels for some time. Firing a shot at the banks for being overly-restrictive in granting mortgages, he said that the slight lowering of the lending rate would do nothing to assist the market in reviving.

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Property and Lifestyle News from Bulgaria

rogue bulgarian estate agents are disappearingLooking up? With news from experts that the crisis is relenting and more buyers are starting to search for overseas property, it's time for the estate agents in Bulgaria to pick up their act. Whilst it has been incredibly easy for agents to sell in an upbeat and rising market, closing property transactions in this climate is far harder. Only the best will survive. Buyers have, quite rightly, become more demanding regarding agents and are seeking out those who can properly respond to their needs. This is good news overall as the cowboys are sent packing and those which are financially sound with a proven track record remain. With less agents in the mix in Bulgaria, it should now become easier to identify those which are trustworthy and reliable.

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Bulgarian Travel and Tourism

bulgarian tourism, winners and losersJust as the Sofia organisors of the Madonna concert are still counting their coffers after the country’s most high profile pop concert, the Bulgarian tourist industry are starting to count their coffers after what will probably be described as a ‘challenging’ summer. From direct observations of the way the Black Sea tourist product was shaping up, it would seem that there will be more losers than winners. There will undoubtedly be some winners and these are likely to be the ‘all inclusive’ hotels who cottoned on early to the pan European ‘all inclusive fashion’.

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Bulgaria in Brief

news and happenings in bulgariaFalling property prices are slowing considerably in Bulgaria. Experts have revealed data which shows that the dramatic drop in real estate prices in Bulgaria is calming significantly. has produced research which demonstrates that the market is nearly at its lowest point, with prices bottoming out by the end of this year. Trends in the capital, Sofia, show that whilst prices fell during May by 2.8%, there was only a small fall of 0.6% in August. Other cities are following the same pattern.

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Bulgarian Schools to Reject Junk Food

bulgaria schools rule out chipsThe Bulgarian Health Ministry has stated that a variety of foods considered particularly unhealthy are to be scrapped from school canteens. Fried foods such as chips, along with fizzy drinks and cakes are thrown off the menu from all school food shops and dining rooms. The new ordinance, which was made by the former Health Minister, is due to come into effect 15 September, when the new school year commences.

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Bulgaria: Free Advertising for Businesses

free advertising for your bulgarian businessToday sees the launch of a new Bulgarian business directory where companies can advertise their services for free. Quest Bulgaria has established a special section to promote Bulgarian businesses and services free of charge. Darren Kearney Managing Director, says "These are turbulent times for many companies. It is important that we do everything we can to assist our colleagues working in the Bulgarian marketplace to continue promoting themselves so that they maintain their market position and still be in business after this economic crisis".

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Bulgarian Snippets!

changes in bulgaria with borissovBulgarian property, life, living and eco news update. View From Here: Boyko seems to be having an impact. Apart from the firings, the new Prime Minister, Mr Borisov, also got the National Revenue Agency to check up on some of the biggest outdoor markets for fresh produce in Sofia during a four day period. After the investigations, what a surprise, suddenly the merchants declared profits of 260,000 euros more than they were the week before the surveillance. The investigation may possibly go on for months and this kind of revenue could significantly help the Bulgarian budget deficit.

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Home For Ever in Bulgaria

bulgaria adopt a forever friend dayBecome a forever friend this weekend. Owning a pet has been shown to improve both your health and your quality of life. So start living a healthier life today and open your heart and home to one of the BSAPP's loving animals. Become best friends forever, tomorrow, August 15th in Sofia.The Bulgarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation, , will be carrying out a very original adoption campaign at South Park on Saturday August 15 between 12pm and 2pm at the Vitosha entrance of the park.

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World Class Golf in Bulgaria - Never Seen Before!

golf and golfing property in bulgariaBulgarian property purchasers and keen international golfers have been buying golf property on the new Bulgarian golf courses Those who have already bought, those who are avid fans of the sport, and those who are tempted to invest in Bulgarian golf property, will be thrilled by this article. We review the recent first ever professional golf event in Bulgaria at BlackSeaRama together with some unique up to date pictures of the stunning Thracian Cliffs links golf course - both never seen before!

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Bulgaria: Property and Living News

thinking of buying property and living in bulgariaConsidering emigrating to Bulgaria? You are not alone. Some 60,000 Brits own a property in Bulgaria with numbers expected to grow due to the availability of cheap property and low cost of living. Latest research shows that over 350,000 Britons are planning to leave the country in the coming year and that more than half want to buy abroad. Low property prices and cheap living are cited as the main reasons. Apart from a fantastic summer, Bulgaria is one of the EU countries which has managed to withstand much of the current financial crisis. Nonethless, it has not been totally resilient and today property prices for apartments and village houses are extremely realistic and sustainable.

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