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Apartment Prices Q3

apartment prices in bulgariaThe National Statistical Institute has released latest data showing that the price of apartments in Bulgaria increased by 3% on average during the third quarter of this year. The highest increase was in the city of Plovdiv, where price increases were recorded at 11%.

The figures from the NSI exclude new builds and cover the third quarter 2008.

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Wireless Internet coming to Sofia Parks

wireless internet in sofia parksWireless Internet is coming to the parks in the capital. The City Council of Sofia has decided to allocate around 90,000 euros to establish wireless internet in the city's parks. Currently, only Oborishte Park has wireless internet available.

Whilst this sum will not allow all the parks to be covered, it is enough for creating a wireless internet network in many of the downtown parks.

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Simple Treasures in Bulgaria

Simple Treasures in BulgariaA wonderful new book has arrived about life and living in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is one of the least known countries in Europe. Tucked away in the southeast corner of Europe it has been hiding many treasures away unbeknown to many outsiders.

Most, if not all travel books about Bulgaria cover well-trodden tourist resorts and understandably ignoring lesser-known parts of Bulgaria. These fortunately overlooked areas, which tourism hasn't affected, remain in many people's opinion, the most treasured parts of Bulgaria.

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Bulgarians are Optimistic

bulgarians are more optimisticA study undertaken by a group of research associates shows that national confidence is growing in Bulgaria. The main areas of study were in the key domains of lifestyle including work and leisure, family, religion and ethics. The majority of Bulgarians said they were happy people despite a hard day to day life and being fed up with the government.

The survey also showed that an increasing number of people supported competition as a positive social and economic factor, even going so far as to say that salaries should be used to provoke better performance results rather than create equality.

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New Research Centre, Varna

Nuclear Research Centre in VarnaA memorandum for cooperation between Varna municipality and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) has been signed, to set up a physics laboratory in Varna city.

The European research laboratory will be established in the Observatory and Planetarium at the Black sea capital and will create opportunities for Bulgarian physics students to be trained there.

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Agricultural Land Prices Up

farmland prices increaseThe price of farming land is forecast to increase by 15 to 20 percent per annum. During 2008 the price for farmland has already increased by 35 to 40%, Georgi Georgiev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Farm Land Owners, has announced.

According to Georgiev, such a fast price increase is a cause of concern. The most expensive farmland in Bulgaria is currently in Dobrudja area, where the average price reaches 500-550 BGN per decare. In the rest of the country, prices are within a range of 300-350 BGN.

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EU, BG and Maternity Leave

maternity leaveThe EC have recently proposed to extend the minimum fully paid maternity leave in the EU from 14 weeks to 18 weeks. The package also sees more flexibility about when maternity leave gets taken relative to the baby's arrival, stronger protection against dismissal and a right to go back to the same job or its equivalent. Women will also have the right to ask for flexi-time – but employers will have the right to refuse.

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GB and BG Agree

time for banking changeSergei Stanishev, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, has given his support to the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown, to the proposal by the latter for major changes in world financial systems. The proposals include the establishing of a system for surveying and controlling the largest financial institutions and stopping the dubious practices of large banks.

The British Prime Minister presented his proposals at a meeting of the EC leaders in Brussels yesterday. Gordon Brown appealed for in-depth reforms of both the IMF and World Bank, saying that there should be a worldwide system for overseeing the whole financial system.

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Holiday Property Remains Solid

holiday property remains solidDespite the meltdown in the United States’ property market and financial industry, the holiday market for Bulgarian property should remain reasonably steady, according to a news report at investor bg. Vesselin Krustev, a manager with local real property consultant Orange Real Estates, told the news site that the Bulgarian real estate market should remain stable and attractive over the next few years.

The global crisis that has hit the United States hardest will probably have an effect on the holiday property industry, but Krustev indicated this may be good thing.

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Bulgaria Economic Outlook

economic growth higher than UKThe Bulgarian government declared this weekend that the Bulgaria economic outlook growth of the country would slow down to 5.5%. This is against a current growth of 7% and would slow from this figure in the light of the current worldwide financial crisis.

The Foreign Minister, Ivailo Kalfin, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for internal economic matters, said that the crisis would affect both exports and foreign direct investments. However, he was positive that as long as Bulgaria attained economic growth of 5% this would be a real success in the unabating global financial difficulties.

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