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Sunny Beach Opens for Easter

Bulgaria's famous tourist resort, Sunny Beach will open for business from this weekend; its first flights for the season will be arriving from

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Lady Gaga to Perform in Sofia

lady gagaQueen of pop Lady Gaga will kick off the European leg of her 2012 tour ‘Born This Way’ in Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia.

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Russian Property Buyers-The Facts

daorealIs the market for Bulgarian properties on the rise again ? Buyers from Russia are leading the way now.

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Bulgaria to Combat Real Estate Rogues

teamworkThe days of rogue agents and fraudsters in Bulgaria should be coming to an end, as Bulgaria's real estate brokerage business has been set for a cleanup.

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Bulgarian Property Outlook 2012

A survey by Bulgarian Properties regarding the current situation of the real estate market this year has revealed that although not as vibrant as it once was it has been able to maintain some stability, in certain areas of the market.

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Crosstour Fair Ruse, Bulgaria

business meetingBusiness Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises – Ruse would

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Annual Tax Return Reminder

submittaxreturnA reminder that the annual tax return for all

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Best Online Translator

Best Online TranslatorBest Online Translator offer high quality translations, interpreting services, proofreading, English lessons, Bulgarian lessons and crash course language learning packages.

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Bargain Property Sales

housecoinsQuest Bulgaria would like to introduce the NEW ‘Bargain Property Sales' category to our property section. It provides the option to browse our very own properties for sale and view what great offers are available to buy in Bulgaria at the moment.

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Bulgarian Real Estate Update

ladyofferhouseRecent reports released by Bulgarian real estate agents state that property prices in the country have taken yet another fall over recent months.Since mid 2011 the value of properties have seen a decrease of 5% but according to some of Bulgaria's biggest real estate companies there are now showing signs of prices stabilising towards the second half of 2012.

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