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New 7 Wonders: Bulgaria

belogradchik rocks bulgariaBelogradchik Rocks in Bulgaria have maintained their top ranking on the new7wonders of the world website. In the category of caves, rock formations and valleys Belogradchik Rocks has overtaken other famous names such as the Grand Canyon and Ayers Rock.

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Plovdiv takes initiative to alleviate stray dog problem

stray dog probl;emA new website launched by Plovdiv Municipality has made it possible for wanna-be pet owners to choose a pet online from a large choice housed at the city pound on Pazardjishko St. The site was prepared in conjunction with the students from Plovdiv’s European College for Economics and Management as part of their course with the municipality's environmental protection directorate.

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Buying a Bulgarian House | Perfect Timing


a buyers reported that the current real estate climatefor purchasing a Bulgarian house or any real estate, is ideal for buyers, speculators, credit consultants and real estate agents.

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Bulgarian Economy: Update

bulgarian economic growth may be two percentThe World Bank has reported that only six EU countries may achieve positive economic growth in 2009. The report went on to say that there was a very high degree of uncertainty but Bulgaria could see the economy grow by up to 2% this year.

The other five countries who may also achieve positive growth are Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The Bank said that together with the uncertainty, negative prospects were at the fore.

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Bulgarian Property Market Update

bulgarian property marketERA Real Estate announced yesterday that the Bulgarian property market during the last four months, 86% of property transactions were for real estate valued up to 70,000 euros. The majority of buyers are those who have proof of income and are needing to move or are first time buyers.

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New Underground Section Sofia

new metro sofia bulgariaThis weekend, Sofia Mayor, Boyko Borisov, made a fresh announcement regarding the new underground section in Sofia. Stating that the underground will become the mainstay of the transport system in the capital, Borisov attended the inauguration of the start of the new section between Mladost and Tsarigradsko Shosse, due to be completed by summer 2009.

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No Extra Holidays in May

no extra holsThere was talk earlier this week and even today that Bulgarians would get six days off work during May. However, The Bulgarian Ministries Council has rejected the proposal for one week off from 1st to 6th May.

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More Bulgarians are pro EU

increased approval of EUThe National Centre for the Study of Public Opinion in Bulgaria has announced findings from an opinion poll conducted in the last week of January and the first week of February this year. The results show that euro scepticism has dropped and 77% of Bulgarians approve of the country's accession to the EU.

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Economic Growth will increase by 4% in 2009


conference on January economyAt a presentation o on Bulgaria’s economic performance in January, Georgi Prohaski, the co-chairman for the Centre for Economic Development (CED) predicted a 4% increase in Bulgaria’s economic growth this year.
He maintained that this positive growth in the economy would centre around two sectors; agriculture and service. He also stated that growth from construction, one of Bulgaria’s key economic areas over the last five years would decrease this year.

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International Businesses

international business in bulgariaQuest Bulgaria already highlighted in early January that Bulgaria was a hotspot destination for outsourcing call centres and telecoms businesses. On Friday a report by the Daily Mail confirmed our forecast, saying that many British businesses are moving their call centres from India to Bulgaria.

With wages significantly lower than even India, businesses can reduce their costs by moving jobs to Bulgaria.

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