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Property Slowdown Temporary

bulgarian property market updateExperts are suggesting that the recent perceived slowdown in Bulgaria's property market is a 'temporary lull'. The many combined factors of overpricing property, not such good credit terms and supply more than demand in some areas of Bulgaria, have all been contributing to the apparent drop in the property price inflation - although, this is great news to buyers!

Foreign Property Buyer's information concurs with Quest Bulgaria analyses and the website states that some experts believe the market is likely to pick up again at some point in the future.

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Do You Want That House?

stara planina properties bookThe rise of the Bulgarian property market has been one of the most remarkable real estate phenomena of the past five years however internal factors such as over development in resort locations and the unscrupulous behaviour of some property professional has now tarnished this image. Also external factors associated with falling house prices in the UK and the drop in the value of the pound has severely reduced demand from the UK and other associated markets.

It was in this context and following our ten year anniversary of living and working in Bulgaria that we decided to write a book reviewing the workings of the property market and details of day to day living in Bulgaria.

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Srebarna Appeal

srebarna pelicansSrebarna appeals for help. ‘Biosphere Reserve Srebarna due to its biological diversity is one of the most important natural reserves in Bulgaria.’ Nikola Mihov. Now the reserve and the pelicans are in danger.

Srebarna has been designated
- From 1975, a wetland with international significance according to Ramsar convention
- From 1977, a biosphere reserve according to the UNESCO “Man and biosphere” programme.
- From 1983, a monument of world natural heritage of UNESCO
- From 1989, ornithologically important area in Europe

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Golf in south east Bulgaria

New Golf Course

A new golf and resort complex called "Wild Rose" will be built near to the town of Straldzha in south eastern Bulgaria, not far from the Turkish border. The resort complex is planning to be able to accommodate about 20,000 visitors. Acccording to the investor, Solas Nua Ltd from the UK, Wild Rose will be the largest entertainment resort in Bulgaria.

The complex will include two golf courses with 18 holes each, two other smaller golf courses, a sports centre, tennis courts, soccer pitches, swimming pools and beaches.

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Beyond Package Holidays

property near golf course with view over the sea

Whilst reading a recent travel trade publication, mention was made of Spain’s attempts to get potential tourists to look beyond the traditional package holiday. The country’s Secretary of State for Tourism acknowledged that tourists were now far more discerning than what they once were and it was Spain’s task to encourage sport, culture and nature tourism. Additionally ‘ new’ trends saw people interested far more in city breaks, events, gastronomy and festivals.

Mark Thomas, Managing Director of HRG Bulgaria, special travel and tourism operator, spots the changes that lead to Spain going upmarket in relation to Bulgaria's current upmarket aims. The statement coming from Spain echoes that which periodically permeates through the myriad of local self interest associations.

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Sail from Varna to Constanta

Constanta, RomaniaA permanent passenger-ship line between the sea capitals of Bulgaria and Romania, the cities of Varna and Constanta, will be opened on June 13, according to Varna newspaper Narodno Delo. The news was announced by the Head of the Passenger-Ships Station in Varna, Captain Valentin Kitanov.

The line will use the catamaran “Krimskaya Strela” (Crimean Arrow), which will run regular trips once a week. The ship will be leaving Constanta for Varna every Friday, and will be travelling back from Varna to Constanta every Saturday.

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