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Property Predictions for 2009

positive property news for bulgariaThe financial landscape in 2008 has been dominated by dramatic declines on stock markets and currency crashes; this has resulted in instability in many nations' economies as the very fundamentals upon which stable economic practices are built have been undermined. In the UK we're living in a state where inflation is rising, interest rates are falling, our currency is declining in value and property prices are stagnating. All in all this presents a pretty bleak backdrop for would-be real estate investors, as well as for those hoping to get on the property ladder. Conversely however, in Bulgaria, there are positive predictions for the property market in 2009.

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Charge to Exit!

Extra charge to be near emergency exitIt had to come; it was just a question of when. Both Singapore Airlines and Air France have announced that they will offer the emergency exit seats in economy class sections as a bookable option: for a fee! Air France will charge passengers 50 Euro and Singapore Airlines will charge 50 USD per sector for the privilege.

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Glasgow - Bourgas: Flights, Holidays

new flights glasgow bourgas bulgariaGlasgow Prestwick Airport have formed an alliance with Balkan Holidays to offer flights to the increasingly popular destination of Bulgaria in 2009. Flights will operate to the Black Sea in the region of Bourgas which is only 30 minutes from one of Bulgaria's biggest beach resorts - Sunny Beach which all will enjoy.

In Bulgaria you will find great benefits such as beer for less than a pound, and a three course meal for less than £10. The Balkan Holidays Sales and Marketing Manager Chris Rand has commented on the announcement of the route by saying

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Low Cost Flights

flights bulgariaSince the entry into the European Union, the skies over Bulgaria have continued to get busier and busier as more and more airlines look to either extend their operations to the country or else commence operations for the first time.

Not very long ago there was a big ‘wow’ when the first so called Low Cost carrier appeared in the form of Wizz Air.

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Christmas Weekend Breaks

bansko bulgariaThis year why not consider booking one of the many christmas weekend breaks and forget the stress of cooking up a roast, buying all those last minute gifts and rushing around finalising errands? Instead, let Balkan Holidays take care of giving you a wonderful Christmas on the snowy slopes of Bulgaria.

Bansko is a favourite amongst skiers in the know. This listed World Heritage Site improves year-on-year with more than 65km of marked ski runs appropriate for all levels, an extensive lift network, snow cannons, snow boarding facilities and winter sports ‘fun park’.

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Increase in Tourism

4.3 million touristsHolidays in Bulgaria are becoming increasingly popular. Initial data reported by the State Tourism Agency's chairwoman, Anelya Krushkova, shows that over 4.3 million foreign tourists visited Bulgaria from January to August this year. This represents a 15% increase on the same period last year.

Foreign tourists spent more than 1.5 billion euros during this time, representing an increase over last year of 12.1%. As Bulgarians themselves become wealthier, in the same time period, nearly 4 million travelled abroad, spending 911 million leva in the process. This is a 25% increase compared with the first eight months of 2007.

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Value for Money Tourism

on the black sea coastDespite the gloom and doom of the global financial crisis, people are still not giving up their holidays. The difference today is that holiday-makers are seeking out good value for money places to spend their vacation time.

Bulgaria has always been seen as a low-cost destination and may therefore take advantage of this image in the current financial climate.

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High End Tourism on the Coast

black sea goes upmarket The Financial Times has reported that Bulgaria and the Black Sea are providing luxury coastal resorts, offering retreat and relaxation to a new wave of locals and internationals tourists alike. Bulgaria's Black Sea shoreline once marked the country's eastern border. Under communism, the coastal waters were effectively barred to all but licensed fishermen and small boats from officially approved clubs.Twenty years on, the secluded coastline is acquiring a special allure for the global super-rich hoping to escape the sometimes unwelcome attention they attract elsewhereon Europe's crowded beaches.

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Market Trend

location and quality still sellingIt's been quite a rough time recently for real estate agents and developers in Bulgaria. Those who have depended so heavily on the UK market have been caught by the slump in the sterling to euro rate which has meant that some potential property buyers from Britain have put their purchase on hold. There has also been bad press towards some developers who have over-developed in certain areas without thinking or caring about the impact of their development or whether new owners would be able to find tenants.

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UK Skiers go East

borovets bulgariaDespite the continuing strength of the euro and other European currencies against sterling, Europe emerges as a better prospect for cash-strapped skiers this winter than the USA in the Post Office Travel Services Ski Resort Report for 2008.

Eastern Europe remains the best value for bargain hunters while the eurozone’s big three - France, Switzerland and Austria - also look set to benefit after price rises hit US resorts. As a result of these and the dip in value for sterling, the USA has now overtaken Canada to become the most expensive destination of 14 surveyed by the Post Office.

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