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Quest Bulgaria Announces New Property Sites

Quest Bulgaria property magazine is being joined by two new sister sites. Discovering a marked increase in property searches for Greece and Turkey, Quest Property Magazine today unveils Quest Greek Islands and Quest Turkey, two exciting new property and lifestyle internet sites.

The focal point of the Quest Property Magazine brand is to simplify understanding the ins and outs of the overseas property market and buying process for specific countries, providing up to date information and advice on country-specific real estate markets and lifestyle.

This independent information coupled with in-depth features, make these the ideal sites for all buyers and investors of overseas property.

There are enormous challenges for anyone looking to buy property in an overseas country, the most important of which is to get reliable information. The two fresh new sites will be welcomed by anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the magnificent Greek Isles and the currently extremely popular Turkey.

The two new sites are expected to follow in the footsteps of their sister site, Quest Bulgaria, which is the leading property and lifestyle site for Bulgaria, an authoritative site with Google and an authorised Google News provider.

Giving property buyers more of what they are really looking for, Quest Property Magazine sites are committed to keeping abreast of property trends and the essential needs of buyers with extensive examples of properties and in-depth articles.

Putting forward the essential flavour and distinctive aspects of each country together with real-life experiences, legal and financial advice, property tips and hints, the sites are the ultimate online resources for all overseas property buyers.

Quest Managing Director, says, "There are millions of Britons, almost a quarter, looking to buy overseas property. No wonder, with the economic climate and price of property in the UK! This year we have noticed a marked 58% increase in those searching for property in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

During the last twelve months we have undertaken research to find out what overseas property buyers particularly want. And a recent straw poll also showed that for most, diversity of information and pertinent and up to date articles were most important, with information relevant to each country. Quest Turkey and Quest Greek Islands will give property buyers the independent, focused and detailed information they are seeking. This is the next natural step."

Darren went on to add, "Quest Property Magazine sites have insight and exposure for those looking to buy or sell property and related services in each country. It is about far more than property sales, the sites also discuss the dream and lifestyle associated with each location, the pros and cons, the cost of living... all updated daily to the widest property buying community."

Visit Quest Greek Islands
Visit Quest Turkey

Attracting new property buying and investor audiences to the Quest Property Magazine brand launched in 2004, by professionals with over 25 years experience in the publishing industry, the organisation built its presence with the market-leading website, Quest Bulgaria and will be launching further sites later this year.