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World Woof Tour and Bulgaria

BSAPP, Bulgarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation, will be having a major media event on Thursday May 28th. Please come and join us and bring your dogs! The event is called The World Woof Tour. Joanne Lefson of South Africa and her adopted dog Oscar will be working their way up from South Africa through Europe with two cameramen who will be making a TV documentary film about the plight of dogs around the world. They will be in Sofia on May 28th and BSAPP is being featured!


The aims

1. Use Oscar's World Woof Tour to create awareness public awareness around dog adoption.

2. Use this World Woof Tour to inspire a greater understanding and appreciation towards dogs and basic canine care. We will be bringing free ROGZ collars and leads and can hand these out at an event/ school/ or for use at a shelter...

3. Create awareness for BSAPP about the the plight of dogs in Bulgaria through the footage from our cameraman - this will be uploaded to our website after our visit- and part of this footage will likely appear on the global TV documentary of Oscar's Tour.


Joanne has arranged the use of the Sofia City Sightseeing bus for a half day and we will be bringing banners to catch people's attention, centered around the tour, to apply on the bus before we depart and drive around the popular spots of Sofia. These will of course include the BSAPP shelter.

What next?

•    Tom, Gregor and I will be planning the media event which will include inviting the media to participate as well as organizing the stops at the shelter and possibly the U.S. embassy.
•    We want YOU to ride on the bus with us and we want a couple of our shelter dogs to ride along.
•    If you have adopted a dog from BSAPP, another shelter, the street or are currently fostering a dog too, please come with your dog(s) and ride the bus with us. You may be interviewed and this will send a clear message that these animals have value!

This is a fantastic opportunity for us, I am sure you will be as excited as I am!

Best wishes, Jennifer Kudashov
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