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Notary Fees Increased

New fees for notarial services have come into force in Bulgaria. The Council of Ministers has passed a bill for an increase in notary fees, the first increase in ten years. For those considering buying or selling Bulgarian property, there are increases relating to property transactions.

New Fees for Notary Services 2009

1. Notarisation of a Power of Attorney or signature on any other document that does not require certification of its very content: current fee - 3 lv; new fee - 5 lv;

2. Notary fee on purchase or sale of real estate:

- for property value from 1001 to 10000 leva
current fee: 28,5 + 1% of the sum exceeding 1001 lv
new fee: 43,5 + 1,5% for the sum exceeding 1000 lv

- for property value from 10 001 to 50000 leva
current fee: 118,5 + 0,5% of the sum exceeding 10000 lv
new fee - 178,5 + 1% for the sum exceeding 10000 lv

- for property value of more than 100 000 leva
current fee: 418 + 0,1% of the sum exceeding 100 000 lv, but not more than 3000 lv
new fee - 1628 + 0,1% for the sum exceeding 100 000 leva, but not more than 7000 leva.

Please be aware that the fees for notarising documents is only approximate, we have been informed of people being charged significantly more than the fee outlined above. Always check with the notary for fees before you proceed.