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Glamorous Bulgarian Black Sea Regatta

If you are looking for a really exciting and important event on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, then it's time to go and watch the Kaliakria Cup, a fabulous yachting regatta at Balchik Marina. For the second consecutive year, this sailing regatta is taking place from 4 to 7 June, celebrating the freedom of the waves and the wind, for victory over the challenges which this competition offers. The backdrop to the event is stunning white rocks and beautiful Balchik Bay with its gorgeous modern yacht marina.

Balchik Yacht Club, with a long tradition in sea sports and passion for adventure, fulfilled ambitious goals in 2008 with the first sailing competition. Last year saw more than 35 crews contribute to a strong start for the sailing season.

This year's event promises to be even better, with international participants, making this the largest compeition for keelboats across the entire Black Sea region. The participants may have been excited enough but the crowd loved it last year, with fireworks to enjoy for the opening and easy visibility to watch the action.

Imagine... To be the waves' partner, far from the noise and overexposed popularity of the Black Sea southern coast, where the north coastal area conceals the romantic destinations of Kaliakra Cape, Kavarna and Balchik. Not only have these three locations turned into important tourist spots but they certainly inspire the contestants and observers of the Black Sea Regatta.

The sea race off-shore start is set for 10 am on Friday 5 June. Followed by three in-shore races from 10am until 5pm on Saturday - with two more on Sunday. Classes include : National Class Conrad 25P Peterson; IRC and Class Rally 9 Freestyle. Don't miss it, this is a must-see event.