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News Roundup in Bulgaria

Pay reduction for ministers. As an antidote to the current financial crisis, the Council of Ministers voted this week on a reduction in salaries for ministers. The proposal was put forward by the Finance Minister, who was reacting to worries over a potential budget deficit in 2009. The Council of Ministers agreed to a 15% reduction in wages paid to the members of the political cabinet. Perhaps the Members of Parliament in Britain should take a leaf out of Bulgaria's book; it may go some way to alleviating the problem of all the expenses they are claiming!

Bulgaria with good image in the UK

In a report by Novinite, Steve Williams, the British Ambassador to Bulgaria, reckons that the country has a good brand image in the UK, despite some negative reports in the UK press.

He says that given the huge number of British tourists visiting Bulgaria and many UK citizens who have bought property and moved to the country, this demonstrates that the image of Bulgaria is positive, whatever the media might spout.

Property over 1 million euros

Despite only a handful of people declaring on their tax returns that they own a property worth more than a quarter of a million euros, there are at least 100 properties on the market in Sofia alone priced at more than 1 million euros.

Mainly located in the upmarket Doctors Garden area of the capital, the prices are staggering, even rising as high as nearly 5 million. In second position for expensive property is the popular residential area of Boyana.


How far your money goes

You'll get a lot more for your money in cities other than Sofia. A report, Biggest Cities Review of Industry Watch, highlighted that one leva in Rousse and Plovdiv goes a staggering ten times further than in the capital, Sofia. The cheapest cost of living according to the data, is in Shoumen and Targovishte.