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Bulgaria Hopes to Sign for Formula 1

Motorsport fans in Bulgaria will be keeping their fingers crossed next week that the Formula 1 comes to Bulgaria from 2011. Bernie Ecclestone has invited the head of the Bulgarian Motorcycling Federation to Nurburgring where the German round of the Grand Prix is being held from July 10 to 12. With a MotoGP agreement already in place, the hope is to discuss the two potential venues for a Formula 1 circuit, although the likely choice is the northern town of Pleven - property buyers take note!

Bogdan Nikolov, president of the BMF has said that they are awaiting the opinion of Bernie Ecclestone about the two proposed locations and that it could be possible for a contract to be signed giving Bulgaria the rights to host an F1 race each year between 2011 and 2015 with an option to extend up to 2020.

Already Bulgaria has signed a preliminary agreement for MotoGP to host the prestigious motorbike even from 2012 to 2016. The country is also on the provisional list for the World Rally Championship next year.

South Korea is the next country likely to become part of the new calendar and India after. Even France is trying to build a new circuit near Paris. However, the teams themselves are clearly favouring a return to the USA. It is difficult to see the validity of new tracks based on the record at the relatively new Istanbul circuit. The track in Turkey has experienced very poor ticket sales since the first race there and the future of further F1 events at the track is in doubt.