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Bulgarian Snippets!

Bulgarian property, life, living and eco news update. View From Here: Boyko seems to be having an impact. Apart from the firings, the new Prime Minister, Mr Borisov, also got the National Revenue Agency to check up on some of the biggest outdoor markets for fresh produce in Sofia during a four day period. After the investigations, what a surprise, suddenly the merchants declared profits of 260,000 euros more than they were the week before the surveillance. The investigation may possibly go on for months and this kind of revenue could significantly help the Bulgarian budget deficit.

Now he is starting another NRA investigation - this time into workers' insurance contributions. Employers will be asked to provide evidence that the workers they employ are insured based on the REAL salaries paid and that they and their employees pay the obligatory insurance contributions. Go Boyko !!!

It is the time for summer's bounty, with all the fruit and veg shops stuffed full of organic produce and incredibly cheap. Everyone is buying in bulk if they don't have their own home-grown and then bottling or freezing. Luscious tomatoes are down to .25 euros a kilogramme - perfect for making tomato sauce which can be stocked up for winter use for lasagnes, savour mince, chilli, homemade pizzas and more...

Latest news has it that a quarter of all Bulgarian driving licences are bought at the going rate of some 300 leva. Only a quarter? Not surprising then that Bulgaria has one of the highest road deaths in Europe. Driving to our nearest big town last week, we had five near head on collisions with Bulgarian drivers overtaking directly on bends with double lines.

Bulgarian Property Transactions Down. This week much of the media reports about the decrease in the number of property transactions in Bulgaria, claiming they are down a third in the first half of 2009 compared with the same period last year. The figures are reported by the Bulgarian Property Registry Agency. According to the data Sofia, Borovets and Varna were the regions showing the sharpest decline, with property transactions down 50% year on year. The region which was very popular with Britons, Veliko Turnovo, reported a decrease of more than 40%.

Raifeisen Real Estate backed up this data reporting that sales were down some 42% with Sofia particularly hard hit. The real estate section of the bank believes that buyers are waiting to see what happens and if prices will fall further.

Whilst the downturn in sales is happening all over the globe, the fact that new build in Bulgaria is slowing is good news. A mass of over-building has not helped the allure of the country and this is a good opportunity to reflect upon where the future lies with regard to development of future construction, hopefully giving higher priority to green spaces and less dense development.

Property Management in Bansko. In a recent press release, Property Management Bansko claims to solve the problems and stresses of coping with a Bulgarian property through their services. Key holding, furnishing, snagging and other services are offered by the company aimed at providing peace of mind for the Bansko property owner. They are a British company based in Bulgaria, with their forte being management of properties in the Bansko area. For more information about their comprehensive services, visit

Permaship. If you are looking for something interesting and outdoors this month, then Permaship might be of interest. They are inviting you to join them in rural Bulgaria for a course in 'cooking with the sun' and 'building with the earth'. reports "The great thing about this course is the focus on very easy and do-able practices. At the end of the course... you will have experienced firsthand how easily some of life's most important needs can be meet," write the organizers of Permaship, a newly founded permaculture learning center in Shipka, Bulgaria.

Permaship is a zero-impact place, allowing peoply to live with nature and learn from it. Helping develop sustainable practices for buildings and food provision. The five day course, from 21 to 25 August, for learning about 'Earth and Sun Energy', is just 100 leva for the whole event - meals included! Permaship say, "We have decided to run it at cost so you aren't paying for our rookie mistakes. Butyou can expect excellent food, a friendly atmosphere, good music, and lucid learning".

You'll need your own camping kit and families are welcome. If you prefer in-house basic lodging, this is available. More information at