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Bulgarian Schools to Reject Junk Food

The Bulgarian Health Ministry has stated that a variety of foods considered particularly unhealthy are to be scrapped from school canteens. Fried foods such as chips, along with fizzy drinks and cakes are thrown off the menu from all school food shops and dining rooms. The new ordinance, which was made by the former Health Minister, is due to come into effect 15 September, when the new school year commences.

Other food items which contain high levels of fats, sugar and salt will also get the chop as they are considered dangerous for children to have too much in their regular diet. Fresh veg and fruit will be mandatory on the menu, plus milk and yoghurt. Fish will be included at least once a week, chicken without the skin, pork and beef with no visible fat.

Traditional Bulgarian banitsa and sandwiches remain on the menu. Those schools not complying face fines from 100 to 5,000 leva.