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Bulgaria in Brief

Falling property prices are slowing considerably in Bulgaria. Experts have revealed data which shows that the dramatic drop in real estate prices in Bulgaria is calming significantly. has produced research which demonstrates that the market is nearly at its lowest point, with prices bottoming out by the end of this year. Trends in the capital, Sofia, show that whilst prices fell during May by 2.8%, there was only a small fall of 0.6% in August. Other cities are following the same pattern.

We present a gathering of snippets and sentiments from within Bulgaria this week. There seems to be no end to Boyko's continuing popularity. No wonder. It appears for the first time, that maybe we have a government who can actually do something!

Fave restos in Sofia: A couple of our preferred eating and watering holes in the capital. Motto, on Aksakov Str, is very trendy and a great place to hang out. Super garden for the summer and free wifi. Very popular with Bulgarians and international visitors.  Good international food with smart speedy service.

A more formal dining atmosphere can be found at Balgari, which is on Dondukov Blvd. This is a beautiful town house with high ceilings and full of old pre war photos and portraits. The garden is beautiful and a preferred choice for Bulgarians in the summer months. Very good food with high level service.

If anyone were to doubt the incredibly cheap cost of living in Bulgaria, then figures from friends in England will make your hair stand on end. Our buddies have a 3 bed semi in the UK and their annual council tax is 2,500 British pounds. Compare this with a similar property in a similar location in Bulgaria where the rates are 40 pounds! The same friends are also payin 180 pounds in road tax, whereas in Bulgaria this will only set you back 35.

The survey by the Dutch, who have been looking at traffic incidents in Bulgaria, has shown that the "mindset" of the Bulgarian drivers causes numerous accidents. Anyone who has driven on Bulgarian roads will concur.

Those who are into canning and bottling will be having a field day right now. Tomatoes are down to 30 stotinki a kilo, so making sauce for winter dishes such as spaghetti bolognese and lasagne are incredibly cheap.

Wood is being delivered to Bulgarian households everywhere at the moment, in readiness for winter time.

Wood in our area is about 34 lv a cu.m. Cutting and stacking comes to an additional 20 lv for 10 cu.m.

This year we are undertaking an experiment and are going to see if our 'reversible' air con units are up to the job.

We'll update you as to whether this worked out and if it was the same price, cheaper or more expensive. It will be interesting. We do have some wood left over from last year though for those romantic evenings by the fire!