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Bulgaria: Roundup Property, Travel and Living

Those considering visiting Bulgaria and heading for the capital, Sofia, will be interested in the new easyHotel to be opened. Indeed, as might those who own a property in the country and are seeeking a cheap overnight hotel when flying home from Sofia airport to visit family and friends. The low cost easy brand is to launch the new hotel at the start of next year and prices start from only 10 euros a night! The hotel will provide 57 rooms and can be booked online, using a simple premise that the earlier you book, the cheaper the room.

The key is simplicity and value-for-money, with a standard rate for the room, then additional services such as internet access and television available at a small additional charge if you want them. The Commercial Director said that he considered Sofia as 'stunning' and was pleased at the expansion of easyHotel into the capital of Bulgaria, as it is 'well served from across Europe by a number of low cost airlines'.

Mark Thomas of Jam Advice, specialist travel agents in Sofia, commented that the move supported EasyJet's commitment to Bulgaria 'as they obviously see it as a longer term base or destination which they can commit to'.

Novinite ran an interview with Georgi Yankov of ReMax about the Bulgarian property market and future trends, particularly with regard to Sofia. He highlighted how different the market was in Sofia compared with the rest of the country, with large numbers of people arriving in the city to live from all over, leading to significant demand for property.

Mr Yankov said that vendors had become more realistic in their price expectations which has produced an increase in property transactions as the 'crossing point' between demand and supply has been reached. To read the full interview visit their website at

Deloitte released a list of the 50 most dynamic IT companies in central Europe, and five Bulgarian businesses are included, based on their revenue over a five year period. The highest ranked was Telerik, a software company which grew by over 2,000% in the previous five years. Their position is number 5.

BAAT, the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism, has announced their 'Green House' competition for the second year running. The competition allows guest houses to submit their business for consideration for an award based on ecological standards and protectin of the environment. BAAT are looking at how the guest houses use and save natural resources and their impact on the environment. Those offering cultural activities and traditional food are likely to stand a better chance.

The Transport Ministry is proposing camers during driving tests and monitoring of examinations to halt the hugely widespread corruption in issuance of driving licences. The plan is to introduce the measures early in the new year in a bid to prevent 'connections' between the learner, driving instructor and examiners.

On the subject of motoring, remember to have your headlights on permanently in Bulgaria from 1 November to the end of March.