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So far this year

Bulgarian property and living so far 2010 brings price hikes. This year, higher bills can be expected for central heating and natural gas. The Bulgarian State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission decided to increase prices by 5% for central heating and 10% for natural gas.

Smokers will also be paying more for their nicotine fix. A large rise in excise duty has been announced. Previously, the excise on 1000 ciggies was 41 leva but this has now been increased to a whopping 101 leva. A pack of cigarettes is likely to increase from 3,20 to 4,80 leva. 

Road tax
You have until the end of January to buy your vinetka (road tax). The price remains the same as 2009

All property purchases/sales were meant to be done by bank transfer from the start of this year in a bid to prevent fraud and money laundering. However, this legislation is being delayed until the summer as parliament failed to pass the bill in time to get the new law in place for 1 January 2010.