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Bulgarian property in top ten 2009

In a report issued today by Property Abroad, Bulgaria comes in the list of top ten countries for overseas property last year. 2009 has certainly been a difficult year for property globally and there still remains much uncertainty in the sector.

The report, a reliable source of information, has been providing details on countries in favour with overseas property buyers for several months.

This year features Spain in top position, which certainly is surprising as both prices and sales volumes have fallen swiftly. But, as Property Abroad comments, 'there still seems to be plenty of people looking at Spanish property: plenty of pent up demand.'

America, Portugal and Italy follow. Bulgaria comes in 9th position probably down to its 'cheap property.' Whatever the reason, Bulgaria has done remarkably well given the collapse of foreigners buying during the last year in all overseas markets.

The full report can be found at Property Abroad website.