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Unseasonal weather all round

Those visiting their Bulgarian property or living in Bulgaria are thrilled by one of the mildest winters on record. The weather has been the most talked-about subject of the week amongst expats here and, by all accounts, those in western Europe.

It's as if Bulgaria and the UK, France, Germany have completely switched weather with each oher this year.

The BBC reported on their website a new record low of -22.3 C in the UK overnight a couple of days ago, with a lowest daytime temperature of -17.7 C. London barely got above zero! EasyJet cancelled 30 flights, train companies revised timetables and Eurostar again cancelled several services. The snow and ice caused numerous crashes on the roads creating yet further problems. Updates on travel conditions in the UK can be found at the BBC Travel News. Even the south of France has been touched by the bad conditions.

Meanwhile here in the eastern end of Europe, we are experiencing temperatures of up to 20 C. Absolutely extraordinary - and even in our mountain town we have constantly had 12 to 15 C for some days. Record warm temperatures are all over the country with up to 20 in Veliko Turnovo a few days ago. Yesterday the mercury touched 18 in Blagoevgrad and Sandanski. By rights, the country should be under a beautiful blanket of snow with the temperatures well under zero.

This strange scenario seems set to continue for about another week.