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A heartwarming Bulgarian winter tale

The Scarborough Evening News in the UK has a most delightful story today about how donations from Britons made a group of Bulgarian children very happy. According to the report a lorry full of presents headed off from generous souls in the Scarborough area to help over 150 children in need in an orphanage in Bulgaria.

The appeal was first made in the newspaper last November and support has been overwhelming, says Mandy Dixon of Seamer. Some 600 people in Scarborough responded to the plea for aid of blankets, clothes and rugs because off the conditions at the children's home.

Mrs Dixon was also amazed to find 70 tins of chocolate Roses in the contributions, just in time for a great Christmas present for the kids. All the donated items were transported to Bulgaria by Mick Cooper who had already moved to the village and had spare capacity in a lorry.

The news report says that locals say there hasn't been that amount of excitement in the village for years and the children are thriving with this new-found help, even performing a concert of bulgarian folklore music for the Brits arriving with the assistance.

Staff at the home believe the children are better behaved as a result of this kindness, realising that there are others who do care about them.