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News digest Bulgaria: property and living

Living: cost of living in Bulgaria, comparing 2009 with 2010. We've just returned from our first trip to Billa supermarket this year and checked on receipts from the same supermarket January 2009 compared with January 2010.

Interestingly, the cost of items on our shopping list has not increased during last 12 months. All prices remained the same - excellent news and highly unusual in an EU country.

Regarding other items, the cost of wood for heating remained the same this winter compared with last. Electricity went up marginally but it didn't really seeem to affect the bills much. Road tax (vinetka) has not changed and our council tax remains the same cost as 2009.

A more detailed article about the cost of living in Bulgaria will be published shortly.

Weather: everyone is still talking about the weather, although looks as if things may be going back to normal as temperatures are going down a bit in Bulgaria. In our neck of the woods we have had a very slight fall of snow but it hasn't really settled on the roads.

Tourism: The Scotsman, picks out Bulgaria as a top ten travel destination this year. Placing Bulgaria fourth on their list of places to go, the report says that Bulgaria 'is one of Europe's best-kept secrets thanks to four decades of communism preceded by five centuries of Ottoman rule.' The article goes on to say that Bulgaria offers both winter and summer holidays, with skiing cheaper than elsewhere and some of the 'best beaches in Europe.'

Property: Mixed views are coming out from a variety of experts about overseas property but they are all pointing to a very slow but realistic upturn, including Bulgaria.

Whilst, like ourselves, most are predicting a slight downturn in prices for the first quarter, nearly all envision stability by the middle of the year with slow revovery thereafter. Cautious optimism seems the order of the day.

Adam Samuel from overseas property website Nubricks, believes that foreign property investors rather than lifestyle buyers are starting to re-enter the market. This is certainly backed up by our own data. The most popular stories on Quest Bulgaria are property related and more visitors are searching the internet on 'Bulgaria property'. One reader told us that he had three enquiries for his property between 4th and 8th January already.

This is clearly an opportunity to buy at prices which are bottoming out and get yourself the Bulgarian house of your dreams for little money and long term return.
We were one of the last go to into recession and therefore will be the last to come out, so keep your eyes open for the soon to arrive bottom of the market and take advantage.

Meanwhile, during the last seven days on Quest Bulgaria website, the most popular articles have been:
- property price predictions for 2010
- detox january
- factfile on bulgarian phones and internet
- life in a Bulgarian village

The most favourite Member discount is 'Quality for less'. This is a discount from the developer of Pioneer Resort, who is also able to offer mortgages to buyers. Luxury apartments set at the base of the Pirin Mountain.

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