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New art gallery website

David Benfield loves oils, pencils and pens as much as his camera and digital imaging software. The Bdintsi Gallery houses his artistic works in Dobrich. He has recently launched a new website, Art Gallery BG for local artists to make their work more accessible.

The website is free and for artists living or working in Bulgaria to showcase their work to an international audience.

On the new site, David says, 'Hello, and welcome to our new website, I am English, semi-retired and have been in Bulgaria permanently since November 2005 operating a gallery/studio in the village of Bdintsi, 30kms. from Dobrich.

I realize it is very difficult for artists in any country to make a living from their work, so by creating this website for local artists I hope to make their work more accessible. This is a free website designed for artists living or working in Bulgaria to showcase their work and provide their information to an international audience.

We hope that this site will grow and help bring together artists from the area: if it proves successful then perhaps one day local sponsors or advertising will help fund it. The only input I need now is a little commitment to the site through the artists who will be sending in their work and information. This site will only work well if artists and friends support it.

We are pleased to present all types of art on the site, including photography, graphics, ceramics and sculpture as well as the traditional forms of painting, drawings and collage. Also any handmade crafts people are welcome to send in information.
Each artist will have their own page with any personal information, telephone numbers, contact addresses etc. they wish to put on.
A page for Art related local exhibitions or events with dates and information will be included.

The first 20 artists to send their information and photographs of their work will be put on the website for free. This information can be sent in Bulgarian or English.'

Take a look at the Art Gallery BG website and explore the various methods of artistic representation.