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To Gamble or Insure-This is the Question!


An average British family spends more money on gambling than on different forms of life insurances.

A new research conducted by Aviva- the 6th largest insurance company in the world and the leader on the British market of insurances- points out that only 41% of the population on the island has a life insurance, while a stunning 68% prefer to spend their money on gambling.


Life insurance may cost only 5 pounds per month and at the same time an average household spends 13.80 pounds per month on gabling, which means that most of the people place the chance of getting wealth all of a sudden before the need of life insurance.


The statistic gets even more shocking if one takes into account another survey that shows that 1 out of 3 people dies from cancer and 1 out of 5 from a heart disease. The chance of a fatal ending due to other kinds of extraordinary circumstances is much higher than the one of winning the lottery.



- The chance to win the lottery: 13 983 816 to 1
- The chance to get killed by a shark: 3 156 971 to 1
- The chance to get struck by  lightning: 258 326 to 1


“People do know that the protection of their family and their own is extremely important, but many of them falsely estimate that it is too expensive and delay taking out a life insurance. Meanwhile they gamble, hoping to win from the lottery, but postpone the insurance comforting themselves that nothing bad can happen to them.”- comments Louis Colly, manager in Aviva. She continues- “If people realized how much they spent on the average for lottery tickets and other insignificant things they would see that they could provide the safety of their families much easier than they thought.”