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Romanians businesses in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian city of Ruse has become a favourable destination for neighbouring Romanian companies to set up business due to lower expenses.Bulgaria offers foreign investors the same conditions as Bulgarian citizens, so therefore making it a favourable country to invest in for a company.


An estimated figure shows that 2 500 Romanian companies have launched there businesses in Bulgaria and continuing to do so daily. With access between the two countries only by  a road linked by a bridge across the river Danube, other benefits to make Bulgaria an attraction is the lower income tax and VAT  compared to Romania, and its business friendly attitude to  foreign investors.  Romanian agricultural companies, construction, retail, wholesale traders, and transport are the main concerns taking advantage of Bulgaria’s lower costs. Some of which have headquarters based in Bulgaria and have other branches operating in Romania.

Although both countries offer much lower business and labour costs to other EU states. Here are some of the price comparisons between Bulgaria and Romania:

Bulgaria offers income tax at 10 %, Romania's is 16 %.Bulgarian VAT is 20 % and Romania's has recently risen to 24 %, the cost to set up a business in Bulgaria is 1 Euro, where by Romania is 200 Lei, and added to this it is
done easier and quicker in Bulgaria. Many Romanian’s find Bulgaria to have less bureaucracy, and in addition are also sceptical about the future of Romania’s ever changing laws and price rises.