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Bansko Ski Pass - Best Low Cost Skiing

The Bansko ski pass is one of the best and most economical ski resorts in Europe today.

Two of the leading British newspapers - The Independent and The Mirror - published articles this weekend reading what would be the cheapest way for a winter holiday this year.

 Bansko ski pass inevitably tops the charts being the cheapest in the Post Office's survey of 10 European and North American resorts.

According to The Independent "a week's lift passes, equipment hire and instruction for a family of four at Bansko came to £974 and living expenses were cheap too: £28 for a family meal, drinks and a cup of coffee". The overall price of a ski holiday in Bansko adds up to only "£1,002 (all prices for six days)".

The Mirror journalist Victoria Wards writes about Bansko from her own experience having spent a ski holiday there. She says: "I have to confess I was a little unsure about skiing in Bulgaria. If it was that good, why did my skiing and snowboarding obsessed pals always go to France, Austria or the US? Now I can only assume it's because they simply don't know any better.

The resort of Bansko is a three-hour drive from Sofia airport. Nestled at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is basically a huge winter sports playground.

It boasts a total ski run length of 40 miles, covering 14 pistes, and a five-month long season.

Huge sums of money have been pumped into the place, and the resort is now something of a hidden gem."

To recap: if you are on a budget but want to get the best from it Bansko ski pass is the place to be this winter. You can choose to stay in one of the numerous elite hotels, in a smaller family hotel or in a rental apartment. You are sure to enjoy the long ski slopes, the inexpensive restaurants and pubs serving delicious local dishes, and the plethora of spa procedures on offer.