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Shopping Malls In Bulgaria

Bulgaria has ranked top in the E.U for the amount of new shopping malls opened during 2010.

If you love shopping Bulgaria is the place to be with the Varna Towers shopping Mall opening this month in Bulgaria's Black sea city of Varna, which attracted thousands of visitors and onlookers. The new shopping mall is the largest in Varna with 60 000sqm of commercial space and 23 000sqm of office space which already has been rented by E-on and Bulgarian Posts. Also included is a helicopter landing pad on the roof, the first in Bulgaria.

It is estimated that Bulgaria seen a 90% increase this year in construction and opening of new shopping malls. A trend that neighbouring countries have followed, including Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania have also seen but with only a 5-10% growth in this sector.
Generally Sofia has engrossed the increase in retail space; however other cities may have exceeded retail space to demand due to the general slow down of the economic market.