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Global Structures Open House In Ruse

The village of Basarbovo situated near the Bulgarian city of Ruse saw a new dimension of building work earlier this week, with Quest advertisers Global Structures demonstrating the quality of their new houses built from a timber frame construction.


The event offered potential buyers the opportunity for the first time in Bulgaria to view the finished effect of a modern and high quality insulated house complete. It demonstrated what buyers could purchase from Global Structures at a very reasonable price.The owners of the company Joe Crozier and Boris Goncharov were pleased with the response, and visitors came from as far as Sofia to view the event who were impressed with the high standard and quality of their work.

The show house had an immediate buyer and several orders were placed.The houses are constructed with a timber frame which is one of the oldest methods of building in the world, but has the added benefits of modern insulating technology of today, producing an outstanding energy efficient home.

Reporters from Ruse's daily newspaper covered the event over several days proving its success,and Bulgarians were impressed as it was the first ever open house in this area and the country.

Now Global Structures are looking to extend to other regions of Bulgaria and are aiming for the city of Veliko Tarnovo next to impress future buyers in Bulgaria that this is the way forward for that all important energy efficient home.