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Movies in Bulgaria - Hollywood of the Balkans

Making movies in Bulgaria is on the increase these days as the country has become a popular destination for shooting popular Hollywood movies. With Bulgaria's spectacular

landscapes, stunning beaches and busy cities, it makes the perfect backdrop for any film.

Starting in 1981, the action/war film '681 AD: The Glory of Khan'. A film based on true events from Bulgarian medieval history.

1995 was the year of the film 'Akropol' a Greek musical shot in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The fourth edition in the Bloodsport sequel, Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite was based in the USA, but filmed in Bulgaria in 1999.

In 1999, Dolph Lundgren starred in the romantic, action film 'Bridge of Dragons'.

The last film that was shot in 1999 was 'US seals', which was an action film.

Science fiction/fantasy film 'For the Cause', directed by Tim and David Douglas was a fantasy film set in the future and shot in Bulgaria in 2000.

In 2002, the hit movie, 'Hard Cash' or 'Run for the Money' was filmed in Bulgaria. The film starred, which stars Christian Slater and Val Kilmer, is an action/ adventure film.

"Let's Roll!" Is the infamous quote of the next film, that is Air Marshal'. The movie from 2003 was set in USA and filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Another 2003 film was 'Alien Hunter', a science fiction thriller. When a radio operator in New Mexico receives a weird signal and decides to investigate further, and continues on a frightening journey.

'Children of Wax' or 'The Killing Grounds' shot in Bulgaria in 2005 is an action thriller about different gangs fighting over territory and drug problems. But when a serial killer is on the loose, the gangs are brought together to rid the area of trouble and violence.

'Submerged' was also filmed in 2005, starring Steven Seagal, Vinnie Jones and Christine Adams. The action film is about a highly-trained mercenary who sets out to find a regenade scientist, but soon finds himself in dangerous territory when he discovers that the scientist possesses dangerous mind altering equipment.

The last film for 2005 was 'Man with the screaming Brain' an action comedy. The film is set in a small Bulgarian town, where a man has half of his brain replaced. The new half however, belonged to a Russian taxi driver. The story humorously shows a man coping with two parts of two very different brains and personalities.

'The Black Dahlia', a hit movie in Hollywood was shot in Bulgaria in 2006. The thriller/ drama/history movie starring Scarlett Johansson, Josh Hartnett, Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank is based on one of the most horrific, unsolved murders in California. The film tells the story of a young woman who is found brutally murdered. However, when two policemen begin to investigate her murder, all is not what it seems as they begin to unravel the truth. They not only discover the corruption within the police force, but find who exactly has connections with her killing.

Action/thriller 'Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil' filmed in 2006, is a dramatic version of a real-life war scenario.

Based on a true story, 'The Secret Book', was shot in 2006. When Guy Chevalier (Thierry Fremont) goes on the hunt for the secret book written by the Bogomils he finds himself in Macedonia in search of it.