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Movies in Bulgaria - Hollywood of the Balkans

{adsense,pub-9449817363577881, 3370438888,336,280}'The Abandoned' shot in Bulgaria in 2006 is one of the movies in Bulgaria to be made for the horror fanatics.A horror and mystery movie about a film producer who was born in Russia, and was then adopted by an American and lived in there, returns to her homeland of Russia to her families farm. But strange things begin to happen, as she begins to discover truths about her biological family.


In 2006, drama/thriller film 'The Contract' was the last film shot in Bulgaria for this year. When Ray Keene (John Cusack) tries to improve his relationship with his son. Meanwhile he is trying to bring justice to a world-class assassin, but finds himself in deep water when the assassins gang are on the search for him, which puts both him and his son in danger.

'The Contractor' an action drama movie was filmed in 2007. Former CIA operative, James Dial (Wesley Snipes) feels forced to return to helping his team and kill a London terrorist. When disaster strikes, he must go into hiding after being framed for killing a highly-trained police officer. After going into hiding, he meets and befriends a twelve year old girl who plans to help him.

Action thriller 'Hit man' is a 2007 film about a hit man, who is known only as "Agent 47", finds himself being hunted down by the Russian Military and Interpol.

In 2007, sci-fi/horror movie 'Mega Snake' was released. When a young man steals a dangerous, rare snake, he is warned not to let it out of the jar where it is being kept. One day the snake is let out of the jar and begins to grow, but doesn't stop, as it becomes a man eating monster and reeks havoc for local residents.

Sci-fi movie 'The Harpy' was also shot in 2007 in Bulgaria.

'Bats: Human Harvest' was also shot in 2007. The horror/thriller is a story about a group of soldiers who plan to capture a fanatical terrorist, but as they begin the mission, the discovery of some genetically altered bats that seek out humans and animals to eat.

Filmed in 2007, 'Shark in Venice' was a hit natural/horror film. David (Steven Baldwin) is set the ultimate task, when his girlfriend is held at gunpoint by the mafia. David's only way of saving her is to dive into the deadly waters to find the treasure below. But the waters are the same waters that are saturated with killing machine sharks and where David's father died.

'War, Inc.' a film based on political conflicts was shot in Bulgaria in 2008. The movie stars Hilary Swank, John Cusack and Ben Kingsley.

In 2008, Bulgaria was again the filming location for yet another Hollywood film 'Hero Wanted'. After being left for dead y a thief, Liam finds himself in hospital. Upon leaving the hospital he plans to hunt him down and kill the man that put him there. But later discovers that the thief's gang are on the hunt for him.

'Day of the Dead', shot in Bulgaria in 2008, is a horror movie about corpses taking over. When a group of Colorado residents try desperately to escape their town becomes controlled by flesh-eating dead people.

In 2009 came the action/sc-fi/comedy film 'Infestation'. The world is shocked by the sudden invasion of giant alien insects taking over the planet, and forces them to fight for survival.

2009 was the year when Bulgaria was the filming location for many hit movie sequels; 'The Grudge 3' was one of them.

The prequel to 'The Messengers' sequel was 'The Messengers 2: The scarecrows' which was shot in 2009.

'Wrong Turn 3: Left for dead' (2009) is a popular horror film, set in a tranquil forest. A group of inbred flesh eating monsters are lurking around the quiet woods of West Virginia, where a group of people are rafting. The group of students soon find themselves trapped, will they escape alive?!

Action film 'The Tournament', shot in 2009 is about a tournament held every seven years, where thirty of the world's deadliest assassins compete against each other.

In 2010, the following horror films were shot in Bulgaria: 'Prowl' and 'Re-kill'.

In the future...

It is also rumored that the final edition in the 'Rambo' sequel may be filmed in Bulgaria. The action film, starring Sylvester Stallone, may be filming on location of what is supposed to be called 'Rambo 5', which will be the final film in the hit Hollywood sequel.

Two of the most famously produced movies in Bulgaria have to be The Expendables and its sequel The Expendables 2 made in 2010 and 2012 respectivly. These action packed box ofice mega busters contained the biggest line up of tough guy actors that Hollywood could offer. Sylvester Stallone, Arnold schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jason Statham made up the hard action cast.

Eastenders star, Leslie Grantham has been involved earlier this year in Bulgaria. He will be playing an English expat in Bulgaria, named John Stuart in a 6 episode sitcom called 'The English Neighbor". Leslie Grantham, well-known for his role as 'Dirty' Den Watts in British soap drama Eastenders, will play an English man living in a Bulgarian village called "fruitful". The sitcom, which started filming in July 2010, shows his character adapting to village life and picking up Bulgarian habits. Let's just hope his character, John Stuart, doesn't meet the same horrific fate as his former character Den Watts in Eastenders!!!

Film companies around the world inparticular the USA have become a dominant and very important force and they intend to continue producing movies in Bulgaria.