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New Year's Resolutions 2011

As we head into a new year, 1st January 2011 most people will be making new Year resolutions, especially after the overload of Christmas eating,drinking and smoking too much - always the favourites plus reducing debts and controlling the finance situation.


More than 75 percent of New Year's resolutions will be broken within 3 months and almost one-third will break them by the end of this month. Quest Bulgaria shares some fun ideas on the best resolutions and tips on how to stick to them.

The five most popular resolutions have stayed the same for many years and 2011 will be no exception.

1. Get out of debt or save money
2. Lose weight
3. Develop a healthy habit
4. Get organised
5. Spend more time with family and friends

Resolutions future

Facebook, twitter and other 'social' media

Sorry but struggle to understand all this, plus the kids and adults fasination with all this hype - I know it is good to keep in touch with friends and relatives if you don't see them regularly.However for most kids they are usually sitting on a computer in the next desk/ room!Get out there and talk to each other.

Stop annoying others

Maybe a ringtone on a mobile is not what others want to hear? Plus shouting on the phone.Repeating a story you know others have heard before.

Mobile Phones

Peoples fasination with mobiles from owning the most expensive,with as many workings as possible to the constant bleeping of text messages (usually about nothing) constantly amazes me. Yes I think they are a great invention for keeping in contact but for most people it is an expensive way to communicate about trivial matters.

Internet video embarrassment

Our very drunk Bulgarian neighbour asleep on our sofa half way through our New Years eve celebrations (with many friends from the village) did not appreciate all his work colleagues seeing him in this state thanks to a Bulgarian site similar to youtube - filmed by another guest with a digital camera.Not being computer literate, we had great fun playing back the film when he was sober at a later date.It was the talk of the village and town 12 km away where he worked for weeks.


Do one resolution at a time remember you have all year so if you want to:

Give up smoking
Get out of debt
Be Friendlier to the environment
Get fit and walk to work
Help a charity or those less fortunate
Buy local fruit and veg
Eat healthier
Buy less conveniennce food and cook more at home
Grow your hair/nails
Finish all those jobs around the house you started
Learn something new

Try to do one at a time and from the list above with 12 popular resolutions you may well manage one for evey new month of the coming year!